Top Free SEO Automation Tools


The rules of digital marketing and brand promotion are changing with every passing day. Both online and offline companies consider SEO to be a determinant factor influencing this change.

Search engine optimization is the tool to occupy a place in the search listings with knowledge of its principles – keywords, meta tags, headers, and other features included. When you are dealing with thousands of pages, it is, indeed, difficult.

Search engine promotion is gradually becoming a time-consuming process. Repetitive tasks slow down the timing of SEO experts. However, with the advent of SEO automation tools, it is possible to minimize human errors.

According to algorithms, programs can do everything. If maintained, it can give an excellent result.

SEO automation tools can enhance your work and save a lot of time without compromising the quality of work. With SEO programs, it may be possible to cope with certain tasks and improve efficiency.

SEO automation is effective for the following processes:

  • Semantic core compilation
  • Technical audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Project management
  • Goal settings
  • Reporting

Noted below are the top 5 SEO automation tools to consider:

#1: SE Ranking

Semantic core compilation and clustering are the first stages to promote a website. The performance quality of a website depends on the total number of visitors to the site and compliance with the target audience, opportunities to make it to the top, and eventual conversion.

SE Ranking is the perfect tool as it saves time to select keys for requests – the system can process approximately 10,000 requests in less than 10 minutes.

This tool is a tremendous help to analyze your competitor’s growth profile and understand their strategies for external promotion.

Automated SEO is the answer to all your questions in this progressive and dynamic world of search engines.

#2: SEMrush

SEMrush is the world’s most sought-after platform to automate SEO. Of course, there are good reasons. A leading freemium tool can automate your keyword rankings, backlink profile, and much more from a dashboard. It is thorough and user-friendly.

It can also analyze the performance of your SEO campaigns, which pays off.

The software ensures your backlink building campaign works efficiently. The keyword rankings of your website are updated daily and the traffic graph depicts your organic and paid traffic performance.

#3: Traffic Booster

Considering PPC ads? Traffic Booster is the best option.

It uses specific algorithms to estimate website users and serve eCommerce companies perfectly well. It can also analyze short application forms to create ads.

Using this tool, you can automate the SEO processes involved in the branding target audience, finding effective marketing tactics for the brand, and selecting relevant keywords.

The algorithm optimizes campaigns and helps them achieve more sales at a much affordable price.


To win dedicated clients, online brands depend on innovative marketing solutions. RIO SEO has the best in online marketing and website optimizations. Using this, you can integrate SEO recommendations and develop a search engine-friendly version of the website.

This website optimizer has a dashboard where you can keep adding pages and content rewrite URLs and perform everything essential for on-page SEO.

However, it is an expensive tool and the best for large eCommerce enterprises.

#5: YourAmigo

YourAmigo is another interesting search engine supplement to all your SEO efforts and endeavors. It focuses on long-tail searches.

Using this tool, you can find keywords and create pages based on the keywords and what the system tells you about search volume and conversion rate.

You can automate authority building with this tool. It is less expensive. It caters to smaller businesses.


Although it may not be possible to achieve complete SEO automation, these tools can optimize the website’s on-page SEO activities and boost.

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