Top Reasons Marketers Should Use Video Transcripts & Captions


Are you active digitally? In this tech-savvy world, it is impossible to ignore the benefits of digital marketing. Whether it is promoting your businesses or attracting customers through content marketing – the online world is brimming with opportunities. Content managers are exploring new ways of engaging with the audience since text-based informative blogs are no longer appealing. Hence, consider giving a shot to infographics and videos as people are obsessing over visual content.

Alongside being entertaining, creating videos can help in putting your brand message across. When you delve into video marketing, you would see every business is already on it. With plenty of videos online, you have to focus on gaining an edge over competitors, but how? You can make your content accessible and user-friendly by transcribing videos. It is a process of translating a video into a readable text to enhance user-experience.

It promotes the understanding of your content, allowing you to expand your customer base. If you are skeptical about it, we can help you out. Here are the top five reasons why marketers should use video transcripts and captions.

  1. Effortless Transcribing Procedure

Marketers run away from things that demand additional efforts. Previously, transcriptions were manually written by humans at expensive rates. As we step into 2020, technology is surprising us with its wonders. You would come across plenty of transcription tools, which can transcribe videos in minutes. It automates all your content at a cost equal to nothing, while you have to sit back and watch.

Likewise, you can use a podcast transcription software to convert podcasts into texts. It is an incredible way of reaching out to people with hearing disabilities, helping them enjoy podcasts. You can expand your target audience to make your business flourish. However, make sure to go through the transcriptions since there might be speech glitches. For instance – the video says “avoid,” but the software might write it as “void” – hence, always skim through the text.

  1. Nurtures Understanding

Although people watch videos about the product rather than reading text, there are still people who prefer to read. Surprisingly enough, video transcripts help you capture both types of audiences in one go. It lets the users review the content before digging into the video. It is an incredible way to attract people in a sound-sensitive environment since transcription allows them to consume video content without using audio.

You can also reach out to global audiences since it eliminates all language barriers. The transcription would be available in regional languages, promoting your brand message without any hassle. Alongside reaching new audiences, it also improves the customer retention rate.

  1. Boosts Search Engine Traffic

Where do you stand on the search engine? The goal is to bag the “zero” position on the search engine, but it doesn’t come easy. Video transcription can future proof your video marketing efforts, helping you appear on the top results. It allows Google crawlers to readily find keywords as it gives the context of your video. Despite all indexing, the crawling of images and video can’t happen the same way search tools crawl text contents.

The ease of access to your text content can result in more organic traffic to your site. Transcriptions improve your search engine visibility as locating keywords becomes simper for Google. Moreover, it can position your content better on YouTube. Without transcription, the search engine would have less data, meaning they can’t infer the video’s context.

  1. Fosters Lead Magnet Opportunities

How can you get more leads? Video transcription lets you use the same content for different purposes. You can create a blog post or a high converting lead magnet out of it. It works as a great technique to drive more traffic while building your email list. It gives the option to repurpose content, opening doors to more customers. You can create meaningful content in the form of eBooks, construct infographics, or draft some blog posts. In short, you can transform content into different formats, helping you spread the same message across. Instead of generating unique content for every lead magnet, you can repurpose content from one of the transcripts.

  1. Promotes Accessibility

Unfortunately, more than 466 million people in the world suffer from hearing disabilities. Videos focus on visuals and audios, meaning it is limited to people who can listen to and see. As a result, you miss out on a massive chunk of audiences, which can bring potential profits. Therefore, utilize video transcriptions to make your content accessible to everyone. Soon, you would notice more people engaging and consuming with your content.

If you wish to up your game, include captions in the video. The embedded text in videos can make people believe they are listening to the video. Besides, it is an ideal way of promoting anti-discrimination laws, which are all about protecting the right of people with disabilities.

To Conclude:

As more companies delve into video marketing, utilize transcription tools to win over competitors. It works like magic on the search engine, improving visibility and traffic. Similarly, it makes your content available to a large pool of audience, increasing your customer base. These vast benefits leave you with no excuse to skimp on transcriptions. After all, it makes your way towards success and growth.

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