Viral clip of a cat grooving to the GTA IV theme song wins over the internet


Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is one of the greatest video game series ever made, with a huge fan base across the globe.

From fast cars to frenetic shootouts, the action-adventure and open-world heist franchise has carved out a unique legacy of its own in the gaming realm.

Featuring exotic locales and iconic characters, the aura of GTA is simply irreplaceable and in a league of its own. Over the years, we’ve seen several iconic installments that range from Vice City and San Andreas to the record-breaking GTA V. However, there tends to be one installment that is somewhat underrated i.e GTA IV.

Released in 2008, GTA IV introduced players to the saga of Niko Bellic and the sprawling expanse of Liberty City. From the narrative to the open-world design. GTA IV proved to be a winner in almost every department and is, till today, regarded as one of the all-time great GTA installments.

The success and fandom associated with GTA is such that the game continues to trend online so much so that recently, the internet was blessed with the wholesome video of a cat grooving to the infectious GTA IV theme song:

Over the course of the short 27-second clip, a white cat can be seen vibing along to the beats of ‘Soviet Connection’, the official theme song for GTA IV.

The viral clip has now received almost 45K plus likes and 12K retweets as fans reacted to the ‘GTA cat’

Cat x GTA IV ft. Soviet Connection

Grand Theft Auto IV gave us some of the most iconic characters such as Little Jacob and Patrick McCreary which, coupled with an immersive narrative, proved to be a winning combination for Rockstar Games.

The world of Liberty City is still as popular as ever today, and the fun video of a cat vibing to the theme song ended up receiving tons of reactions online.

The Twitter handle of Cat Vibes To often features a white cat grooving to various songs, such as Eminem’s Rap God and the Minecraft theme Remix, which has certainly won over fans.

Check out some of the reactions online to the GTA vibing cat:

The popularity of the vibing cat just goes to show that even after 12 years, GTA IV remains one of the franchise’s most beloved installments.

Published 18 Oct 2020, 16:59 IST

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