Virtual Wedding: Top 20 Gifts


Digitalization has erased all boundaries, which means that loving hearts have no barriers to connection anymore. So, today we can work, play, and make friends virtually and create new families.

Someone may find virtual weddings unusual and even a little strange, but we will say that a virtual wedding is as severe and essential an event as a real one. And we will even suggest the top best gifts for this beautiful occasion.

Make a Video Gift

If you know these two well, you probably have some photos or some funny video moments.

A video with the best pictures of the bride and groom and congratulations from family and friends will be a soul and touching present.

Find Useful Books

Sometimes, when starting something new (for example, a family), people need practical manuals and materials.

For example, you can find and send virtual books for newlyweds: home repair manuals, a cooking book, tips on how to raise kids, or even the Kamasutra.

An Impression Certificate

If you know that the couple lives (or will be) together, then it’s time to allow them to have their first memory.

It can be horseback riding, hot air ballooning, tickets to a concert of their favorite group, joint painting lessons, and much more. Knowing about the interests of the couple, you can give precisely what they like for the wedding.

Send Them a Pair of Gifts

Paired T-shirts, pillows, sets of towels, bathrobes, a double umbrella, mittens for lovers — will be a friendly reminder of the lovers’ feelings.

Such a present can be made unique by ordering an embroidered monogram of the first letters of the names of the bride and groom or their shared surname.

A Lightbox

This is one of the most popular and stylish gifts for any occasion, including a virtual wedding.

Volumetric wall lamp made based on one photograph or composition from several. It can be supplemented with a small congratulation or a cute inscription.

3D Crystal Photo

The ArtPix 3D store in this regard has many options and opportunities. If you have an excellent newlyweds photo, order a 3D crystal with it.

Among the crystal types, the store can offer you original templates and crystals in the form of a heart, a cube, a pendant (for this case, paired pendants would be an ideal decision).

Personalized Wallets

We mean the custom-made wallets. They are ergonomic, with many pockets and compartments, made of eco-leather. You can order unique gifts with the future owners’ initials on the front side.

A Kitchen Machine

Such a multifunctional device is necessary for everyday life. Making minced meat, kneading dough, chopping food, or squeezing juice is just a tiny part of what the couple can do to make the joint evening pleasant and tasty.

An Action Camera

If your newlywed friends are big fans of travel and vivid impressions, they will like this gift.

With this device, they can capture fascinating moments of travel or extreme adventure. Modern models are compact; many of them have wireless modules.

Fitness Bracelets

On the one hand, it’s a fashionable accessory. On the other hand, it’s a functional gadget. They help to monitor the general health of a person and control his physical activity.

An Engraved Wedding Glasses

No wedding, even a virtual one, is complete without champagne. But it will be enjoyable to drink it from the wine glasses symbolizing this joyful event. Order an engraving with personal parting words for the couple — they will appreciate it.

Set for Growing a Wedding Tree

An excellent gift for a young family. A tree planted at the beginning of life together will become a symbol of their love. The breed is robust and long-lived, so even the grandchildren of the spouses can see it.

SPA Certificate for Two-Person

All people dream about relaxing and caring. A good SPA certificate for a couple includes massage, various beauty treatments, baths, saunas, or jacuzzi. You can create an individual program or use the standard offer.

A Photo Calendar

A wall-mounted or desktop flip-flop photo calendar will accompany a young family during the first year of life together. Each month is a colorful page in the collection of memories.

Coffee With Date and Names on Packaging

Many people prefer to drink coffee for breakfast. So why not get a personalized jar of coffee beans for the wedding? Happy spouses will pamper each other in the morning with a cup of their favorite drink in bed throughout the honeymoon.

A Certificate For a Furniture Store

An excellent option for those who want to help a young family to set up an apartment. Lovers will be able to choose the furniture they need, suitable for the interior of their nest and corresponding to their needs.

A Honeymoon Trip

Paradise islands, snow-capped mountains, European cities, or hot deserts — rich emotions and new feelings are guaranteed for the couple. When choosing a honeymoon trip, it’s worth considering their interests, so try to know about their wishes before ordering.

Congratulations From the Star

Even if in the stream mode, the speech from their favorite performer will delight both the young and all the guests. Hearing sincere congratulations from an idol and dancing to your favorite song in a live performance is the dream of many.

As you see, surprising the newlyweds and giving them an excellent gift is easy. Even if the couple decided to hold the ceremony online. Today you have many opportunities to wish a new family a happy birthday and give them a special gift.







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