What type of Facebook ad is most effective?


Every day around three billion people are active on Facebook, from students to working professionals to CEOs of businesses. You used to be able to get good traction from posting solely on your Facebook Page. However, this isn’t the case anymore. Organic reach on Facebook is close to zero. You need to pay to play.

There’s a caveat, however.  You need to use the right strategy to attract your target audience.  Many businesses believe that spending money will automatically help them steer customers. It doesn’t work this way. It only works when you can provide what the audience wants.

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Do Facebook Ads work?

Facebook ads work for different types of businesses, and many businesses have been getting successful results by using the Facebook Ads platform for their business needs. Facebook ads work like any type of paid ads. They require research and recurrence to get success. Essentially, you need to spend time and money finding out what doesn’t work until you find what does. And when it does, you keep on increasing the budget accordingly.

Even with all the benefits that Facebook ads offer marketers, you will only get successful on Facebook by using the right strategy. Your Facebook ad works best if:

It is targeted to a particular group of audience (and it’s relevant to them):

The effectiveness of your Ad depends on its relevance. It’s that simple. When your ads are not relevant to your target customers, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money and time. Before you do any type of Facebook advertising, it’s important to clearly define your target audience, as well as other characteristics and interests. This is so you can speak to them in a way they find appealing to them.

This isn’t all, however. Even if you’ve nailed down your target audience, your creative and copy still matter. So does your offer.

What is the most effective type of Facebook ad?

Reports show that the carousel ad is considered the most successful Facebook ad for product placing through remarketing in your sales cycle. Carousel advertisements are more collaborative than the single video or image format, and usually generate more commitment and enhance time spent on the ad.  Facebook Carousel ads are separated into three parts:

–          Copy: The words in the text. This attracts the attention of your audience and steers traffic to your website or landing page.

–          Creative: Various cards in the carousel ad format, allowing you to be unique in creating your ad.

–          CTA and Headline: Recap your headline in your carousel to strengthen the offer.


In February 2015, Facebook introduced a feature in the Ads Manager that rates your advertisement and gives you a relevance score, same as Ad Rank in Google Ads. To get effective Facebook Ads, keep an eye on this. The more pertinent your ad copy, creative, and destination page to your customers, the higher your ranking. And yes, as you guessed, the higher the ranking, the more favourable Facebook will treat your advertisements.