WhatsApp Creates its Own Emoji


Emojis are now become an import par of conversation, we use emojis to our emotions and feelings and many times we can express better with emojis rather than just a plain text. As we know is very popular messaging app, every one of uses it. Since the beginning WhatsApp offers Apple’s to its users regardless of whether the app was being used over , or the web. Now whataApp creates its very own unique set of emoji.

A beta version of WhatsApp was released on Monday and it includes WhatsApp’s first very own unique set of emoji. And while it is considered exclusive to WhatsApp, there are quite a few similarities to the set of emoji found on the and iPad. Some of the differences are very subtle, but they are considered differences nonetheless. In addition, unlike iOS, the supports emoji all the way up to Emoji 5.0, which is the latest version to receive approval from Unicode.

Back in July, WhatsApp stated that it sends 55 billion messages a day. Getting users to become accustomed to WhatsApp’s own emoji would seem like a positive thing at this point, with so many messages getting sent out daily. Reinforcing the brand name is important in a competitive . Also, keep in mind that the new were found in a beta version of the app. Things could change by the time a final version of the is disseminated. There is no word on when that will take place.

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written with the inputs from PhoneArena