Why choose a career in digital marketing?


With more and more people becoming internet-savvy, all businesses must consider going digital sooner or later. The digital aspect of company operations including marketing can help you cut costs while expanding your company reach farther than conventional approaches.

Digital marketing makes businesses flexible, versatile and better equipped to engage with their customers and leads. Therefore, the demand for digital marketing professionals is on a steady rise globally. The domain encompasses a diverse set of skills and positions which can include mobile marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) and video/audio production.

Read ahead to explore the top reasons to pursue a digital marketing career and enhance your skills with a bachelors in digital marketing and social media.

  1. Digital marketing is in demand

With the digital economy being embedded into every aspect of the corporate domain, companies are fast replacing their conventional marketing approaches with digital marketing. Vimeo.com reports that 93% of all online activity globally starts with a search engine query. Hence, digital marketing can significantly improve your visibility on the internet.

The digital marketing industry has been on an upward trend for some years now and can be expected to grow more. Smart Insights reported that the most in-demand skills in 2017 were associated with digital marketing.

  1. There is still a skills gap in the market

The growing demand for skilled digital marketers has led to a gap between the availability of skilled professionals and the number of jobs in the market. Gaining certifications and digital marketing qualifications can allow you to gain the relevant skills required for the ample number of digital marketing jobs globally.

  1. You can choose from versatile job options

The digital marketing field is versatile and encompasses diverse career options ranging from content marketing, pay-per-click marketing or digital market research. You can choose from a wide range of career options depending on your interests and professional backgrounds. Even if you are switching to digital marketing from a different domain, your previous skills can be useful in your line of work.

  1. The digital marketing industry is always evolving

The digital marketing industry is still at a nascent stage and can be expected to grow a lot in the forthcoming years. Hence, this is a great career domain for those who like to keep exploring new options. With the technological advancements in digital marketing, you can always find something new and interesting to learn. In addition, digital marketing acts as bridge towards other domains like marketing and film-making which allows you to explore career options outside the domain as well.

  1. You get a medium to portray your creativity

A major portion of digital marketing involves creating new content to engage with the target audience. Hence, this domain is ideal for people looking to display their creative talents like writing and drawing on a larger platform.

An advantage with digital marketing is that it lets you build on your transferable skills from other domains. People from copywriting, web development, and even designing can easily migrate to digital marketing with a few certifications and digital marketing courses under their belts. You should check out relevant courses in the subject today to start your digital marketing career on the right note.