Why Old School RuneScape Is A MMO Worth Trying

Here’s why people should at least try Old School RuneScape in 2021


Gamers are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking which game they should play. With the releases of new games every day, it’s hard to pick which ones are worth the time and effort to pick up and play. The thing is, not every gamer knows what they want to play. No one always has a plan it comes to choosing what video games should they sink their teeth into next. The easiest but perhaps the most time-consuming to get to are the online games. Single-player games often have a linear story or branching paths that make use of multiple endings, thereby giving the player more playability. When it comes to online games, gamers don’t get that. Almost every single time, there is no end. That’s the beauty of it. And with a game like Old School RuneScape, players will exactly get just that and more. MMOs are often seen to be a bit grindy, and those people that assumed it to be aren’t exactly wrong either. There’s a possibility that gamers might find themselves grinding for OSRS gold or even buy OSRS gold from other websites just to get the OSRS items that they need to complete a certain OSRS quest. But trust us when we say that OSRS is an MMO that’s worth at least trying.

Endgame? What Endgame?

As stated previously, most online games tend to not have an ending. That prospect is like a double-edged sword, really. On one hand, players can play the game as much as they want without getting bored of it since there’s always something new to try. On the other hand, those that want to experience the achievement of finishing a game won’t get that with Old School RuneScape. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut in these types of games. In the case of OSRS, players might feel like they’re grinding for OSRS gold forever and it could result either in two things: they quit the game or buy OSRS gold from marketplaces to make their lives easier. Old School RuneScape may look intimidating and clunky from the outside perspective, but with a little bit of open-mindedness and effort, players will be able to have a fun experience to remember even if they quit playing the game afterward.

A Huge Community Willing to Help

The great thing about Old School RuneScape is that there are always people who are willing to help or give advice to newer players that are just starting the game. It’s easy to feel left out or lost when playing an MMO, so a helping hand is always welcome for a game such as Old School RuneScape. Gamers can ask for assistance in Jagex’s many forms and even on Reddit. It’s also a huge plus that OSRS is currently on a roll. With the huge surgency of players who are coming back to the game and new players who are curious about the MMO, there’s no shortage of players to play with.

The Devs Are Listening

An online game won’t be as successful without the help of both the developers and the community. By working hand in hand, Old School RuneScape has flourished into an MMO filled with content that people would actually want to play–not just the usual shovelware that people often see in other games. Every week, Jagex and some of their developers that consistently work on Old School RuneScape go live in Twitch and answer some burning questions that fans and gamers might have about the future of the MMO. This is also where Jagex gets suggestions for future updates. They even make polls on OSRS’ official website to see what gamers want to be added to the game! An example of this situation is the comeback of the Shooting Stars, a skilling activity back in 2008. But of course, they added it back with a few minor tweaks to improve the gameplay and chances of encountering a shooting star. It just goes to show that Jagex is heavily invested in its players and is open to all ideas to make the game better despite being more than a decade old.

Final Thoughts

Old School RuneScape isn’t exactly for everyone. Not all can get by its outdated graphics and clinky controls, and that’s fine. Gamers have all the polished triple-A games to choose from across multiple platforms, so it’s easy to get used to the quality of games that the current generation of hardware brings in. But the existence and overwhelming popularity of OSRS defies the notion that only those that match the quality of today’s standards deserve to be called a “great game”. There’s a reason why OSRS has survived for this long, and it’s not just because of OSRS gold or the people that buy OSRS gold. What do you think about Old School RuneScape as a whole? Let us know about your experience with the game down below.