WWE RAW Season Premiere Preview- Major title match confirmed, Female member in The Hurt Business?


Taking into account the explosive in which the season premiere of SmackDown ended, we go into WWE RAW with just as much excitement, thanks to the absolutely stacked and packed match card. Most of the segments have already been made public at this point, and hence, this WWE RAW preview can happen at a much earlier date than usual, on Sportskeeda Wrestling.

Of course, more matches may be announced during the course of WWE RAW (and they obviously will), to fill up the three-hour long duration. But at this point in time, this is what we know, and this is what we can potentially look forward to as well.

So, this is what Monday Night looks like for now.

#5 Lana will challenge Asuka for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship

Even WWE.com is of the opinion that Lana is the underdog heading into the upcoming big match for the WWE RAW Women’s Championship:

Lana will certainly be seen as the underdog heading into the battle with the dominant Empress of Tomorrow. Will she pull off the upset of a lifetime, or will Asuka continue to mow down the competition?

It would not be hyperbole to say that Lana is heading into the biggest match of her career when she takes on Asuka, who has carried the WWE RAW Women’s Division on her back for so many months now. In all likelihood, Asuka will mow Lana down but then again, nobody even expected Lana to be in this position, to begin with, so who knows? Maybe there is an actual upset in the WWE RAW Women’s division.

Would you guys be okay with Lana becoming the face of the WWE RAW Women’s Division? Let us know in the comments section right below.

Published 17 Oct 2020, 11:43 IST

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