iPhone 8 Final Design Leaked Shwo 4mm bezels and Large Power button


iPhone is always the hottest topic among enthusiasts and gadget lovers, but this year is big as we know this is the 10th anniversary for and we all are expecting a great iPhone from .

Rumors and for the next iPhone are coming almost every second day, this time a new images coming from a luxury case maker claiming the final design of with 4mm thin bezels and a bigger power button which is claim to embedded with finger print sensor. Aside from design the new leak also says the iPhone 8 will be the most expensive iPhone ever. it is Even saying that the starting price for the handset will be around the $1,100 to $1,200 mark. To make that only slightly more palatable, the entry-level model may have 128GB of storage along with a 256GB version also offered.

If these leaks are true, the iPhone 8 may sports a 5.8” screen with 4mm thin bezels on all sides, to make the iPhone 8 less prone to accidental input from the palm in which it’s held than Samsung’s latest flagships.

The render of the bottom edge confirms that the 3.5mm headset jack won’t make a return in this , and the Lightning port lives on (at least for now). The iPhone 8’s charging cable could have USB-C at the other end, however. This might bring along fast charging for the first time in an Apple handset. And that may very well be a must, since the battery will apparently best the iPhone 7 Plus endurance, despite the fact that the iPhone 8 will be physically smaller.

The stereo setup using a combination of the bottom speaker and an amplified earpiece will make an appearance in the new iPhone too. It’s also once again rumored to come with an enlarged power button, which is where the Touch ID fingerprint sensor might make an appearance in case the under-display version doesn’t make the cut. How that will pan out is still a mystery, but with the elongated power button Apple has a Plan B within easy reach.

How will accommodate the cutout at the top of the screen, where the selfie and various sensors reside, is another uncertain thing at the moment. The source of this leak speculates that the top left and top right parts of the UI will be used only to display connectivity and battery status, with notifications being shown at the bottom in a “function area”.