4 Things To Cook In A Pizza Oven (That Aren’t Pizza)


If you love to cook, especially if you love to make all kinds of pizza, an indoor or outdoor pizza oven is the way to make the best pies. You can create all sorts of delicious pizza types, from classic options like Margherita to fusion options such as curry pizza.

Still, while a pizza oven might be perfect for cooking pizza, is it worth the investment if that’s all you can make? The great news is that pizza ovens are more versatile than you’d think. 

When you get a pizza oven, you’re probably planning to make pizza. While pizza ovens are made for this purpose, you’d be surprised by all the ways you can use your pizza oven. You can make unique, creative pizzas, along with many other meals. 

Get some creative tips for using your outdoor or indoor pizza oven to cook more than just pizza pies in this guide. 

Dessert Pizzas

While a dessert pizza might sound like cheating for this list, dessert pizzas aren’t really pizzas at all. Instead, they use some sort of dough as a base, but this isn’t always a typical pizza dough. Instead, you can use other kinds of pastry dough to build a sweeter base.

From there, you can add a wide range of toppings, including cookie dough, chocolate, fruit, and much more. So, while trying to determine the definition of what makes a pizza, you can at least satisfy your sweet tooth and use your pizza oven for more than just savory dishes.

An Array Of Flatbreads

You can easily put together a delicious side as you wait for your pizza oven to get hot enough. Pizza ovens are a great kitchen accessory for making many other kinds of bread and dough. While waiting for your pita or naan to cook, you can also bake a yummy dip. It’s simple enough to bake some garlic and herbs with Brie. Or, you could heat up an entire wheel of cheese. 

Vegetable Dishes

Whether you’re cooking pizza or any other entree, you’ll likely want a side dish to provide balance and ensure you get more nutrients. Vegetables are essential for your diet, and if you’re eating a traditional pizza that isn’t as healthy, adding vegetables to the table is an excellent way to keep from eating too many carbs in one sitting.

So, put that pizza oven to good use by cooking all kinds of vegetables. A few options include:

  • Summer squash
  • Cauliflower with spices and herbs
  • Skewers of various veggies


While pizza is a perfect meal in and of itself, pasta is the ideal pairing. Or, you can make robust pasta as your main dish for the night. Pasta and pizza both have Italian roots, so why not expand your repertoire of Italian-inspired foods by learning to make some pasta in your pizza oven?

Some great recipes to try include a beef lasagna or a baked ziti. You can even try making healthier options like zoodles, which are noodles made from zucchini. 

Share Your Pizza Oven Recipes

If you have a pizza oven and have made other things than pizza with it, we’d love to hear about your ideas. Share your successes, as well as the dishes that didn’t turn out as well, in the comments below. 

With these ideas, hopefully, you’ll be able to find your next delicious meal. 

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