iPhone SE Successor is in the Works, to be Unveiled in late August: Rumor


The sure is a strange beast: while its bigger, mainline siblings most certainly overshadow it in terms of popularity, the tiny beast has quietly amassed a dedicated following. In fact, a recent customer satisfaction survey put the SE at the very top of its list, while our own poll on the matter showed a surprising 84 percent of our own readers would like to see a 2017 refresh. Or in other words, users love it.

So we imagine quite a few defeated sighs were emitted when word spread around of Chinese analyst Pan Jiutang’s predictions that a successor isn’t coming any time soon. But not all hope is lost just yet — French website iGeneration claims its sources indicate exactly the opposite, and an SE successor is actually coming fairly soon.

Or to be more exact, at the end of August: apparently is spreading out its fall device window this year, and will be holding two separate events for its new phones. Late August will see the launch of the SE2 (or whatever it’s actually going to be called), while the will be pushed to October. Curiously, there is no mention of both the and 7s Plus.

A possible price in was also mentioned: €399, down from the original SE’s €489. This would most probably translate to $400 in U.S. currency — a highly competitive price, considering the SE’s initial $500 price tag stateside.

Of course, you’d be forgiven for not blindly trusting this rumor: it comes from an unnamed source for a relatively unknown website, which also makes sure to call for a grain of salt. However, it’s worth noting that iGeneration has been right on a number of occasions in the past, like the time it revealed the existence of the 6th-gen , for example. But given the original SE’s success, it certainly would make sense for Apple to want to release a successor, so for now we choose to remain cautiously optimistic.