4 Easy Ways to Teach Decimals to your Children


The standard system that is used for denoting an integer or non-integer number is called the decimal numeral system. It is also referred to as the base-ten positional numeral system. A decimal number consists of a whole number and a fractional part that is separated by a dot. The dot is referred to as a decimal point. For example, 69.4. 69 represents the whole number while 4 represents the fractional part.

Several topics are directly related to decimals. Fractions, ratios, and proportions, simple and compound interest are all sister topics. As the scope of this topic is very vast, it can be very confusing. In addition to this, students have to learn about using arithmetic operators such as multiplying decimals, solving problem sums, and other associated concepts. In order to ensure that students understand this topic, the article will list a few methods that can be used while teaching your children about decimals.


The first step is to develop a student’s interest in the topic. Young minds tend to be fickle, meaning that they get distracted easily. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that they remain enthusiastic throughout the teaching process. There are several ways to do this. One way is to introduce the topic in the form of a story. You can start by giving them a fun history lesson about how the topic originated and the significant mathematicians associated with it.


The best way to teach students about decimals is by giving them real-life examples. You can use daily objects to give students a better understanding of the topic. For example, Take a pizza or a cake and teach them decimal concepts based on the slices. The point of using such objects is to make students relate to a particular concept by applying it to their real life. You can also tell them about the use of decimals in different industries such as finance, sales, research, etc. It also has the added benefit of developing interest.


Children always love to play games. Involving a bunch of children and creating a virtual world could prove helpful in studying the topic as well as giving valuable life lessons to students. You can come up with innovative games that help students not only in learning about the topic but develop other skills such as teamwork, cognitive and analytical skills, etc. It becomes easier for students to associate decimal concepts with games that they played while trying to recall them during an examination or while applying these principles to general situations.


Setting an organized curriculum while incorporating the points mentioned above can become hard. Hence, turning to an online platform that can help you do this is always a good idea. Cuemath is the perfect solution to all problems. It is an online educational platform that works towards giving students a concrete foundation in Mathematics while ensuring that they have fun. The certified tutors use several resources such as online worksheets, visual aids, interactive puzzles, etc., to deliver an impactful lecture.


The goal is to make sure a student has an excellent foundational understanding of the subject irrespective of the methods used. In addition to the points listed above, you can create your own teaching strategies. You can also incorporate several visual simulations, videos, and other innovative ideas while teaching your children. Just remember always to combine fun with studies so that the learning process becomes enjoyable for the student.