5 reasons behind Jacqueline Fernandez’s fit body


From a hot model to featuring in music videos to playing a leading lady in Bollywood films, one can say that Jacqueline Fernandez has done it all. But, excelling in so many different fields requires immense focus and discipline. Fortunately, Jacqueline has those two qualities and her dedication towards fitness is proof of the same. The actress is also very critical of what she eats and ensures she remains in great shape. Below we list some of the reasons how birthday girl Jacqueline is able to achieve that hot bod. Take a look!

1. Working out at home

Even before the pandemic, Jacquline Fernandez would encourage everyone to workout at home. During an interview with a daily, the actress revealed that people should take up activities like stretching exercises, and dancing, as those are easy and doable (at home).

2. Rigorous workout sessions

Achieving a body like Jacquline Fernandez is no cakewalk. The actress goes through some intense weight-bearing and resistance exercises that help in the strengthening of her muscles and bones to achieve the body we all admire.

Jacqueline Fernandez reasons

3. Incorporating a sport in your daily routine

Jacqueline Fernandez does not believe workouts only have to be limited to exercises. The actress has made kickboxing an important part of her routine as it not only builds your upper body strength, but also keeps your mind engaged.

Jacqueline Fernandez reasons

4. Yoga

A healthy mind is as important as a healthy body and that is where yoga comes into Jacqueline’s fitness routine. The actress has often fondly spoken about her passion for Yoga and said she’s constantly experimenting with different asanas.

Jacqueline Fernandez reasons

5. Diet

Diet is probably the most essential item on this list because if you don’t follow a disciplined diet, all those hours at the gym go down the drain. Talking about her diet plan in an interview, Jacqueline said, “I have a protein shake after my workout. I divide my meals into three portions: carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables, a mix of rice, beans or proteins and salad or stir-fried vegetables. Also, I make these `nutri-balls’ at home. I combine dry fruits, nuts and seeds together and form them into balls.”

Jacqueline Fernandez reasons

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