A Classic Captain America Villain Shows Morbius Why He’s a REAL Monster


In the new one-shot Morbius comic, the Living Vampire came face to face with Mr. Hyde, who proved to Morbius what a true monster looks like.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Morbius: Bond of Blood by Ralph Macchio, Tom Reilly, Chris O’Halloran & VC’s Ariana Maher, on sale now.

Villains in comics do dastardly things. They blow up buildings, rob banks and try to take over the world. However, in the new Morbius one-shot, Bond of Blood, a classic Captain America villain did something that only a real monster would do. He killed a child.

Morbius was trying to find a cure for Christos Nikos, the son of his childhood friend Emil Nikos. The young man was in the hospital dying of a rare disease known as viral platelet syndrome, and Morbius learned that only one man who could save the boy was Dr. Calvin Zabo, the Marvel supervillain known as Mr. Hyde.

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Mr Hyde and Morbius

Morbius, who has operated as a supervillain and an antihero, previously worked with Calvin Zabo on a research project. He believed he could reach out to Zabo for help, who had escaped Ravencroft Institute and was no longer Mr. Hyde. Morbius thought Zabo could help save the young boy’s life that he had dedicated his life to watch over after killing his father Emil when he first lost control of his bloodlust many years before. Morbius’s biggest mistake was trusting Calvin Zabo.

Morbius dropped in and found the doctor hard at work on a new project. Morbius told Zabo he needed the cure for viral platelet syndrome for a 14-year-old child. Zabo agreed, but only if Morbius would break into Racencroft and steal the notebooks with his notes on creating the Mr. Hyde formula. Zabo first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1963’s Journey into Mystery #99 by Stan Lee, Don Heck, & Artie Simek. While he was a brilliant medical researcher, he was also someone who stole from the organizations he worked for so he could raise her money to try to create the Hyde Formula, a serum based on his fascination with the classic Robert Louis Stevenson horror story, The Strange Case of De. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. His only goal was to create a formula that would allow a man to operate with pure immoral animal instincts.

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Morbius and Mr Hyde

There is no reason ever to trust someone like Calvin Zabo, as he has always been a villain with no desire ever to be anything but evil. Despite this, Morbius trusted him and found the notes to return to Zabo in exchange for the serum to save the child. Morbius returned to the hospital and administered it to Christos. Christos died almost instantly, but not before forgiving Michael. Meanwhile, Zabo recreated the Hyde Formula and changed into the monster again.

When Morbius found him, Hyde said he had no care for the child and doubted that Zabo did either. Zabo lied to Michael Morbius to get the formula, and all that matters is that Hyde has now returned. Mr. Hyde claimed that Morbius is a hunted monster like he is, but Michael responded with his own truths. Morbius is still a scientific mind, and he believes he will better society one day while Zabo is a real monster — one evil enough to murder an innocent child to get their way. The formula eventually wore off, and Hyde reverted to Zabo, who said he didn’t care about using Christos’s death to achieve his goals.

While Zabo claimed that he and Morbius are both monsters who destroy what they touch, Michael proved him wrong. Zabo went back to prison, knowing he was guilty of letting a child die, while Morbius used the death of his best friend’s child to push him even further to prove that he will do what he can to honor the memories of those he has lost.

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