Ask us: How is coronavirus affecting banks, corporate finance and your money?


As coronavirus upends financial markets, our jobs and our lives, we at the Financial Times are here as a resource. Laura Noonan and James Fontanella-Khan, two of our most senior banking and corporate finance reporters, have been living this story over the past few weeks, tracking the billions of dollars companies have drawn from credit lines, the deals that coronavirus has put in jeopardy and the upheaval in global finance.

Today, they’re taking some time to answer your questions.

Laura Noonan is our US banking editor. She can field questions on how America’s biggest banks are dealing with the coronavirus crisis, the operational and regulatory minefield of setting up their people to work from home, and the wave of restructuring and loan losses that will hit their books as the economy turns. Laura can also speak about their promises to support lending to stricken companies and individuals, after the trading boom they enjoyed in the first quarter as investors rushed to buy and sell across almost all asset classes. She is also interested in shadow banks and the challenges they are facing, particularly those with exposure to mortgage lending. 

James Fontanella-Khan is our US corporate finance and deals editor. He can answer your questions on how America’s top corporate finance and restructuring advisers are working with large companies more directly affected by coronavirus to help them navigate the crisis. James has recently focused on companies seeking emergency financing in the airline, consumer goods and energy industries, and reported about distressed corporations considering restructuring their debt or contemplating filing for bankruptcy. He is also happy to talk about how the crisis might affect dealmaking in the future, as well as pending transactions that appear to be at risk of collapsing.

Ask your questions in the comments below. James and Laura will be dropping in regularly to answer them over the course of the day. They may also be joined by other FT journalists (such as US markets reporter Colby Smith), so keep an eye on this page.