Ayurvedic Expert Claims Rabri Jalebi Can Ease Migraine; A Reality Check


Hot jalebis are said to aid in vatshaman, or neutralising vatadosha, which is the source of neurological illnesses.

The major ingredients in jalebi are refined wheat flour and sugar, which are considered to be potential health hazards

Have you ever experienced a splitting headache that refuses to die down? And does the pain spread to one side of your head? If yes, then you might be suffering from a migraine. Migraine attacks are usually accompanied by throbbing pain and an intense pulsating sensation, on one part of the head. Extreme sensitivity to light and sound, followed by a feeling of nausea and vomiting sensation are all a part of migraine attacks. Usually, a migraine lasts only for a few hours. However, depending on the severity, it can also persist for days. If left untreated, the ailment can disrupt your day-to-day activities.

Recently, Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Mihir Khatri in an Instagram post claimed that by consuming rabri jalebi, the first thing in the morning, one can keep migraines in control, provided they are not diabetic. Sharing his experience he said that hot jalebis help in vatshaman, or neutralising vatadosha, which causes neurological disorders.

“Morning before suryoday sunrise is called vata time. When pain is associated with vata, jalebi with rabri is kaphavardhaka aahar. So when in vata time you eat kaphavardhaka aahar probably it does vatshaman. Neurological disorders are associated with vata Dosha. So eating hot jalebi with rabdi before sunrise is beneficial for a headache,” Dr Khatri wrote, sharing a video on Instagram.

However, he clarified that this is not written in any Ayurvedic text and he is claiming this based on his experience.

He also claimed that many of his patients have benefitted from this remedy and 1-2 jalebis won’t make you a diabetic in a week. He suggested continuing this remedy for 1 to 3 weeks while suggesting diabetic and lactose intolerant patients to avoid this.

This claim by Dr Khatri seems not to be backed by facts, according to other Ayurveda experts and nutritionists. As quoted by an Indian Express report, Dr Avantika Krisha Killa, a Noida-based Yoga and Naturopathy expert said that casein, which is a major part of milk protein, could trigger migraine in some people. Dr Killa suggested that migraine can be controlled by significant lifestyle changes, the report added.

According to the Indian Express report, Garima Goyal, a professional dietitian, also seemed to dis-agree with Dr Khatri. She said that the main ingredients in jalebis are refined wheat flour or maida and sugar, which are potential health hazards. She also added that the jalebis are deep fried in vegetable oil or vanaspati, which increase the unhealthy trans fats.

Goyal warned that regular consumption of jalebis with rabri could lead to conditions like diabetes, obesity, heart-related problems and high blood pressure.

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