Don’t Miss Out on These Tips from Chanakya If You Want to Succeed in Life


Acharya Chanakya has described the tips to be successful in life in the 18th shloka of the fourth chapter of his Niti Granth.

If we talk about Chanakya Niti and what should be done to be successful, Chanakya has described the same in the 18th shloka of the fourth chapter of his Niti Granth.

Even though everyone defines success differently, many define success in a career as the point where you are completely immersed in your work. If you have yet to find success in your career, there are numerous options available to you. If we talk about Chanakya Niti and what should be done to be successful, Acharya Chanakya has described the same in the 18th shloka of the fourth chapter of his Niti Granth.

He claims that most men and women get themselves into trouble by ignoring these things. By following Chanakya’s policy, you can avoid controversy and financial loss. Chanakya has talked about the same in some shlokas.

Chanakya talks in the shlok “क: काल: कानि मित्राणि को देश: कौ व्ययागमौ। कस्याऽडं का च मे शक्तिरिति चिन्त्यं मुहुर्मुंहु:।which basicially means a person should always think about “Who am I?” “Who are my friends?” “Where do I live?” What are my incomes and experiences?” “Where are my energies going?”

Apart from that, he also explains some points for a good life and a successful career. So without further ado, let’s get started with the same.

1. Education is your most valuable friend

Everywhere, an educated person is respected. Education triumphs over youth and beauty. By making this statement, Chanakya is attempting to explain that a person may be physically weak, have average or below-average looks, or lack sufficient wealth.

However, if he is educated, he will be treated as a wise person and will be respected everywhere. A rich man’s wealth and beauty can fade over time, as can his relationships and love, but education and knowledge never leave a person in any condition. It can only be raised over time. And it cannot be taken away from you.

2. Learn from others’ mistakes

You can’t live long enough to make and learn from thousands of mistakes. A person should watch, observe and learn from the people and environment around them. It means that apart from learning from your own mistakes, you can also learn from the mistakes of others to avoid repeating them.

3. Never reveal your secrets to anyone

Never reveal your secrets to others because you never know when they could be used against you. According to Chanakya, you should not share your weaknesses or strengths with anyone under any circumstances, so that no one can exploit your weaknesses or devise a strategy to counter your strengths.

4. Ask yourself these 3 questions

Before you begin any work, ask yourself the following three questions:

What motivates me to do this work?

What might the outcomes be?

Is it possible for me to succeed?

Proceed when you have thoroughly considered these three questions and have found satisfactory answers to them.

Before beginning any work or implementing any strategy or plan, you should always ask these three questions so that you are aware of all the pros and cons, as well as the likelihood of success or failure.

5. Spread love and kindness

A flower’s fragrance spreads only in the direction of the wind. However, a person’s goodness spreads in all directions. A person should always be kind to others, regardless of their culture or community.

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