Don’t worry, be app-y: why the key to mental wellbeing could be on your phone


Technology is fast becoming the key to a happy, organised, and content life. While some people may roll their eyes at such a statement, and claim that life was much better in the ‘60s and ‘70s when tech was miniscule, the fact remains: this is life now. If you do not adapt, you’ll get left behind.

Regardless of your stance on tech when viewing ‘the bigger picture’, there is absolutely no denying that there is a multitude of phone apps that can enhance a person’s wellbeing, especially when at work. Here, on a deeper scale, we are looking at the idea that the key to mental wellbeing could be on your phone.

Your phone is (almost always) on your person

In this modern-day era, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t own a mobile phone. In fact, approximately 95 percent of households in the United Kingdom (UK) own a mobile phone, a figure that has remained constant since 2015. When we look at the behaviour of the younger demographic, particularly millennials and Gen Z, quite often we find that the mobile device might as well be glued to their hand.

Because most people never go anywhere without their phone, including to work, mental health-enhancing facilities are always accessible. From Sarah who relies on daily messages from her mum in order to feel content, to Harry who craves the meditation app to address stress and improve concentration. Yes, the key to their mental wellbeing could very well be on their phone.

A vast variety of apps to take advantage of

These days, there is an app for just about everything! For the worrisome employee that’s committed to mapping their day out hour by hour, organisational apps will give them this opportunity and settle their nerves. In a similar way, tracker apps will allow for the more health-conscious people to monitor their behaviour, habits, and overall well-being.

If that is not enough, there are apps out there that allow your employees to monitor each vital aspect in their lives, both professionally and personally. EAP from LifeWorks is flexible and offers guidance with health and safety concerns, financial and legal topics, work-related issues, and relationship and family matters.

Personal mobiles have proven useful in the workplace

Once upon a time, the use of personal mobiles in the workplace was frowned upon or outright banned as per workplace policy. While excessive use should most certainly be monitored and penalised, allowing your employees the freedom to keep their mobile on their desk, for example, can increase productivity, morale, and mental wellbeing.

It is futile and counterproductive to convince yourself that your employees are just your employees – they too lead busy personal lives and sometimes certain matters must be addressed. “Leave your personal life at the door” is an outdated concept that simply cannot be committed to. With the key to mental wellbeing now predominantly on mobile phones, your staff should have the option to dip in and out of their relevant apps whenever they feel it necessary.


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