Enterprise Architects: Here Are 5 Must-Have Certificates for You

A list of some certifications that you need to have as an enterprise architect.



As an enterprise architect, your job is to build a strategy and a business plan for an enterprise. You are also responsible for maintaining companies’ infrastructure to make the business goals aligned with technology and the IT environment. Most companies these days rely on technology because it’s the power of any strong business strategy. That’s why you must have some IT skills as an enterprise architect.

This article will give you a list of some certifications you must have as an enterprise architect to sharpen and validate your skills. Let’s get right into it.

  1. SASE Certification

SASE stands for Secure Access Service Edge; it’s a technology that combines network and security in a global converged cloud-based service. SASE is a new buzzword that Gartner introduced in 2019, and it has a lot of benefits like providing enhanced security and better visibility. It is also financially prudent because you don’t have to deal with a lot of vendors.

The good thing is that one of the largest platforms for global cloud services solutions called Cato Networks is offering a SASE Expert Level 1 course that covers a lot of useful content about SASE essentials. By applying for this course, you will have the chance to earn a certification and become SASE certified. Cato is the world’s first SASE platform, so it makes sense for them to offer this certification.

The SASE Expert Level 1 course comes with a 3-5 hours exam to pass at the end of the course to get your SASE certificate. This will help you demonstrate and build your skills working with the SASE technology.

  1. Google Professional Cloud Architect

The Google Professional Cloud Architect certificate allows you to build and demonstrate your skills working with Google cloud architecture and technologies. You will learn how to design and make cloud solutions architecture for security, optimize business processes, oversee the cloud architecture implementation, and manage the cloud infrastructure.

To get this certificate, you will need to pass a two-hour-long exam. You can choose between English and Chinese to pass the exam; they also offer guidance to help you prepare for it. The Google Professional Cloud Architect certification is only valid for two years, so candidates must recertify to maintain their certification status.

  1. The Open Group TOGAF 9 Certification

TOGAF is an industry-standard architecture framework. Its main purpose is to define an enterprise’s desired future state and the steps to reach that future state.

As an enterprise architect, you will need some useful certifications to demonstrate your TOGAF skills. One of the best certificates is the TOGAF 9 certification, which is an excellent way to build and demonstrate your skills using the TOGAF framework to implement and manage the enterprise technology.

There are two levels that you need to pass to earn this certification. This certificate is globally-recognized, and you definitely need to have it on your resume.

  1. AWS Certified Solution Architect

The AWS Certified Solution Architect certificate is designed for solutions architects with more than one year of experience working with scalable distributed systems, designing technical solutions on the AWS cloud. This certificate demonstrates that you have the skills to architect and deploy scalable distributed systems on AWS.

You can only get the AWS Certified Solution Architect certificate by taking a 130min exam that costs 150$ and available in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. AWS also provides many training resources to prepare for this exam; they ensure you acquire the skills and the knowledge to get the certificate.

  1. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect

The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) certification is also an excellent way to demonstrate and validate your ability and skills to build solutions on the Salesforce platform. You have to be certified as a Salesforce systems architect before taking the Certified Technical Architect exam.

You also need to know that the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect program is only designed for experienced Salesforce architects that want to demonstrate their skills and capabilities.


As you can see, these certifications can help you as an enterprise architect to sharpen and demonstrate your IT skills relevant to the industry’s business and help you grow your career.

Thank you for reading this article; I hope you found it useful.


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