European Top Tourist Destinations


Europe is a tourist’s paradise. Every season, every dusk, every dawn, favors the beauty of this continent in every way. From Switzerland to Portugal, it is a crown that beholds many jewels. Be it the Algarve Golf Courses or the Keukenhof gardens, nature’s beauty will give you breathtaking views.

Here we have listed some of the popular tourist destinations in Europe that are hit amongst the visitors.

  • Paris

Known as the city of love, it is visited by everyone who visits Europe. It is on top of their list. The tourist crowd has listed it as the most visited and the most loved city. Every year millions of tourists visit the Eiffel tower, which stands magnificently tall. Visitors admire the louver which has Mona Lisa and other important paintings. No matter what the season is, this place is filled with tourists. And nowadays, it has gained popularity of being the famous wedding destination, too.

  • Rome

The saying goes that Rome was not built in a day, but you can do so much in Rome in a day. This again has gained its position in being the favorite tourist spot as people just love to visit the Colosseum here. Moreover, people love to live and admire the roman culture as it is one of the oldest living cultures of the time. This place too remains an active tourist spot the whole year mostly.

  • Venice

Tourists, especially by couples, love Venice as it is the city of waters. Unlike a bus or a train, their public transports are boats. The city is uniquely different and beautiful. The management of the system is sure to excite you and keep you wanting for more. The canals here are as beautiful as they can be.

  • London

This is again the most visited and loved city for the tourists. The royalty that this place portrays is just out of the world. Even today there resides the king, queen, castles, and palaces. And what a moment it is, when you get to go to the places and watch the royalty live. The royal guards have their aura. Then, there is also the tower bridge and the museum, which showcases the most one of a kind of jewels.

  • Iceland

This country is like the main jewel of Europe. It is beautiful from north to south and east to west. People come from around the globe to watch the northern lights here and get mesmerized the unparalleled sight it beholds. Their countrymen are also so warm and friendly that you will have a million reasons for not wanting to leave this beautiful paradise.

These places are just a handful of what the continent beholds. Many more beautiful corners are unexplored that you should visit to have a really beautiful holiday. Europe is a favorite destination for tourists and will remain so, for many years, as it has so much to offer for all kinds of holidays. So don’t stay back and complain- there’s so much to explore.

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