Fire Emblem Engage – How To Get Gold, Iron, Steel, And Silver


In Fire Emblem Engage you must lead an army as the Divine Dragon to defeat the mysterious and evil Fell Dragon. In order to accomplish this goal, you’re going to need to equip your units with the best possible weapons, which means you’re going to need to upgrade them. In order to upgrade them you will need an abundance of four things, Iron, Steel, Silver, and Gold. Here’s the best way to get more of each of these resources.

Money, money, money

Gold serves as the currency in Fire Emblem Engage and you are going to find yourself lacking it most of the time. There are a few points in the game, specifically once you complete a mission at each nation’s capital building, where the game gives you a large influx of cash, but that seems to be given to you so you can level up your Nation Donation levels, which are necessary for obtaining the other crafting materials you need.

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Once you find yourself low on cash you have a few options for obtaining more. The first is to complete any paralogues that might have unlocked during your journey. These are optional side stories that provide special rewards, like new units or extra materials. Some of these missions also reward gold, so make sure to complete them whenever possible.

The second option is to complete skirmishes, which will appear on already completed mission spots on the map randomly after completing a mission. Some of these skirmishes feature Gold or Silver Corrupted units, which provide a sizable monetary reward whenever they are defeated. The Gold Corrupted appear most frequently in Elusia, while the Silver Corrupted appear most frequently in Solm. The chances of these enemies appearing increases with every Nation Donation level.

Beyond the extra missions, you will want to unload any excess weapons you have to one of the vendors in the Somniel. If you pick up every item you can during combat, you will likely have an abundance of weapons, especially low-level ones that will quickly lose their usefulness. These can be off-loaded for extra cash.

There is not a consistent way to farm gold in Fire Emblem Engage currently. The best option is to acquire Anna the Merchant from a paralogue that becomes available after Chapter 6. Her special skill “Make a Killing” offers a chance to get 500 Gold whenever she kills a unit. If you can pair that with a high luck stat from one of the Divine Rings like Byleth, you can consistently get the extra coin drop.

Iron, Steel, and Silver

Upgrading weapons, especially some of the later-game ones, can be quite resource intensive.

In addition to the Gold needed to upgrade weapons, you will also need Iron, Steel, and Silver to upgrade the weapons as well. Every Weapon can be upgraded to +5, which requires a different amount of each of the materials, depending on the weapon type and rarity.

Iron, Steel, and Silver will be found most frequently on the battlefield after a battle has been completed. While there are no guaranteed drops, which you reach a mission/skirmish, it lists which materials and ingredients can be found. The amount of each material you find is related to your Nation Donation level for whichever nation that battle takes place in. The nation that offers the largest quantity of Iron, Steel, and Silver is Brodia, which offers more of those materials since it does not have many ingredients in its nation.

Another way to acquire Iron, Steel, and Silver is via the Farmyard. After completing a mission, you have the opportunity to adopt different animals, some of which are unique to specific nations. Each animal spawns a different type of item in-between missions at the Somniel. Dogs in particular always drop one of the three metals, although usually in a small quantity.

Once you have recruited Timerra in Solm, she will open the Flea Market in the Somniel. While the Flea Market primarily sells gifts, it will occasionally stock Iron, Steel, and Silver, but these will typically cost you a ton of gold, something you aren’t likely to have in abundance.

If you have an excess of one of the metals, you can exchange it for the other types at the blacksmith, although you should really only do this if you have a massive amount of one metal and desperately need another type, since the conversion rate is not friendly.

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