Ford recalling about 75 Mustang Mach-E crossovers for bolt issue


DETROIT — Ford Motor Co. on Friday issued a recall for fewer than 75 Mustang Mach-E crossovers with defective subframe bolts, adding another hiccup for the launch of one of its newest, high-profile vehicles.

The automaker said Friday it was not aware of any accidents or injuries, but was calling back the crossovers because a supplier didn’t properly tighten some bolts. Ford said roughly 94 percent of the 1,258 total affected vehicles in the U.S. and all 90 in Canada will be fixed before they reach customers. The automaker declined to give a specific number being recalled.

The news comes days after Ford promised to compensate roughly 4,500 Mach-E owners for delivery delays as some vehicles are held up by additional quality checks.

Ford said it planned to cover the first month’s payment up to $1,000 and add 250 kilowatt hours of free charging for 150 owners who have experienced multiple delivery delays. An additional 4,350 owners would receive the free charging.

Additionally, Ford in January said “several hundred” crossovers were undergoing additional quality checks that would delay delivery by up to eight weeks.

The Mach-E went on sale in late December. Ford on Wednesday reported U.S. sales of 3,739 Mach-E crossovers in February, noting that roughly 70 percent of orders have come from customers new to the Ford brand. The vehicles are sitting on dealer lots an average of just four days before being sold, Ford said.



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