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A new season has just started in Fortnite, and as usual, there are new NPCs to find around the map and talk to. They will gift you some small goodies when you interact with them, but you can also buy healing items, keys for Holo-chests, and special weapons or recruit them to get some help during the match. One is even available for a duel, so you’d better come prepared.

Their exact location is not shown on the map unless you get really close to them, so finding their spot may be tricky. Moreover, knowing what is available for buying when you visit them can make a difference during a game, as a Med-kit or an Epic-rarity weapon could change the outcome of a fight. Therefore, in this guide, you can check all Fortnite NPC locations for Chapter 4 – Season 2.

Where to find all NPCs in Fortnite MEGA

The map above highlights the exact location for each NPC currently available in Fortnite MEGA. The number on the image matches the one you see in the Collections menu when you enter a match. Unfortunately, this menu is only available when you start a new game and can’t be accessed from the main lobby like it used to be before.

More information on the 12 characters in Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 2 is available in the table below. You will find a brief description of their location and what they sell.

# Name Location Available items
1 CRZ-8 Northwest of MEGA City, near the Bamboo Circle landmark. You can buy a Key to open Holo-Chests (100 Gold Bars) or challenge the NPC to a duel. If you win, you get a Kinetic Blade and a Common-rarity Pistol.
2 Evie Knotty Nets, south of the island, in the building. You can buy an Epic-rarity Tactical Pistol (100 Gold Bars) or activate the Rift (250 Gold Bars).
3 Garrison South of Shattered Slabs, near the beach of the small peninsula. You can buy an Epic-rarity Maven Auto Shotgun (250 Gold Bars) or hire the NPC (100 Gold Bars).
4 Longshot West of The Citadel, on the top of the outpost. You can hire Longshot (100 Gold Bars) or get to know the next Storm circle (175 Gold Bars).
5 Mizuki On the top of the tower northeast of The Citadel, near the river. You can buy an Epic-rarity Kinetic Blade (250 Gold Bars) or x2 Chug Splashes (96 Gold Bars).
6 Neuralynx East of Mega City and northwest of Knotty Nets. You can buy an Epic-rarity Twin Mag SMG (250 Gold Bars) or x3 Shall Shield Potions (30 Gold Bars).
7 P33LY South of Anvil Square and northeast of Shattered Slabs, in the castle. You can buy an Epic-rarity Combat Shotgun (250 Gold Bars) or a Shield Potion (120 Gold Bars).
8 Polar Patroller West of Brutal Bastion, at the Icy Islets landmark. You can buy an Epic-rarity Combat Shotgun (250 Gold Bars) or hire the NPC (100 Gold Bars).
9 Remedy North of MEGA City and southwest of Slappy Shores, at the outpost. You can buy a Med Kit (25 Gold Bars) or hire the NPC (100 Gold Bars).
10 Stray Inside one of the buildings in MEGA City, north of it. You can buy an Epic-rarity Heavy Sniper Rifle (250 Gold Bars) or a Shield Fish (145 Gold Bars).
11 Sunflower North of Frenzy Fields, at the farm. You can buy an Epic-rarity Havoc Pump Shotgun (250 Gold Bars) or give a large tip to the bus driver (250 Gold Bars).
12 Thunder South of Steamy Springs, on the small island. You can buy an Epic-rarity Red-Eye Assault Rifle (250 Gold Bars) or a Shield Keg (250 Gold Bars).

If you can’t find a particular NPC at their location, check their surroundings because characters like to walk a lot in Fortnite. Keep in mind that if you shoot at or damage them in any way, they will become hostile, and you won’t be able to interact with them for some time.

We will update the Fortnite NPC locations map as soon as new characters become available. In the meantime, you can check how to complete Week 1 quests in the game.

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