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Google Maps Street View is a tool that was initially developed to help users map their way around by gaining an insight into locations at street level. However, over time users have begun to notice it has another use.

It is what is on this patch of grass which has really caught viewer’s attention.

There, slap bang in the centre of the area stands a huge army tanker.

To make things even more unusual, the military vehicle is painted an assortment of bright colours.

Hues of bright blue, yellow, and orange adorn the machine’s vast body.

As part of its artistic nature, the vehicle is often repainted.

Most recently this included a tribute to the NHS to thank them for their efforts during the Covid crisis.

The tank was painted blue with the NHS logo and a white heart.

According to the Evening Standard, prior to its placement on the quiet London street, the vehicle once starred in the movie Richard III, starring Ian McKellen.



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