Greg Capullo Shares a First Glimpse at His Creech Return


Greg Capullo has shared a peek at the script for the final chapter of his Image Comics title The Creech, which has been in hibernation since 2001.

Comic book artist Greg Capullo — known for his work on Spawn, X-Force, Batman and Dark Nights: Death Metal — has offered the first glimpse at the return of his creator-owned title The Creech, which has been in hibernation for two decades.

Capullo offered a peek at some new Creech scripts in a post to Instagram. “I’ve been busy writing,” he wrote. “The final chapter of The Creech is in the works. Finally!” While the script photos don’t give too much away, they do reveal that Act I includes an “inciting incident” involving a film crew, while Act II features some sort of “meeting.”

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Created, written and illustrated by Capullo, The Creech was first published by Image Comics in 1997 as a three-issue limited series. The sci-fi/horror comic follows the eponymous Creech, a life form comprised of aborted fetuses that came to be as the result of an in vitro experiment conducted by Dr. Pashu Battu, an engineer for the organization known as The Agency. When Battu discovers The Agency plans to use the Creech as a government weapon, he sabotages the experiment and the creature is let loose on the city.

In 1998, the Creech appeared as part of Todd McFarlane’s line of Spawn action figures. In 2001, Image published a second three-part series by Capullo, titled The Creech: Out For Blood. The property has laid dormant ever since, though Capullo now seems to be working on the conclusion of the Creech’s story in earnest. That said, it remains to be seen when the final chapter of The Creech will hit comic shops.

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