How Does Clothing Affect Performance in Sport?


What you wear is crucial when you’re doing sports, especially for athletes. Even if clothing seems like a small matter, it actually plays a big role in one’s performance. Your choice of clothing can make or break your chance of winning a competition or hitting a new personal record. Clothing is something we shouldn’t overlook when it comes to exercise and sports. It has a lot of benefits and it can even give us an advantage over others. Next time you purchase activewear, active shoes and sneakers and other accessories, make sure to use your Macy’s cashback to gain benefits. 

Clothing and Sports Performance

Our choice of clothing when we’re doing sports, regardless of whether we’re doing it casually or professionally, plays a role in our performance. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Clothing helps with mobility and comfort. 

First and foremost, the clothes you use should be appropriate for the sport. For instance, you would be able to swim faster if you don’t wear clothes such as t-shirts or baggy shorts, that may drag you underwater. Choosing clothes that are appropriate for your sport can help you move a lot easier. Moisture-wicking clothing uses a more breathable fabric as compared to your regular t-shirt. Using this can help you do sports for a longer period of time, while feeling comfortable and less sweaty. This also includes your choice of footwear. When doing a sport like football where you’re running in a field, shoes that have a grip such as cleats can help you be more mobile because of the traction it gives you with the shoe design

  1. Clothing adds protection and prevents injuries.

The clothes you wear for sports should fit you properly. Using a wrong shoe size can cause blisters and restrict movement. Loose-fitting clothing that can easily slip or fall off can be distracting and it may eventually lead to an injury. Your clothing should also be appropriate to your weather. The last thing you would want is to note be able to move because you need more clothing layers. Nowadays, there are tons of compression clothing available that can help with stimulating circulation, contributing to your performance and recovery process. 

  1. Clothing contributes to your image.

If you do sports professionally, you would want to be taken seriously in your sportswear. Clothing reflects the image you want to portray not just for your competitors, but also to organizations and businesses that may want to work with you in the future through sponsorships. For example, choosing to wear black would make you come off as more intimidating and stern, while choosing to wear red would show power and that you’re aggressive. 

  1. Clothing aids in mental preparation and builds confidence. 

When you’re comfortable in your clothing, it can put you in the right mindset. Not only do you feel more focused, but you feel more motivated to perform better because you look good. When you feel good about how you look and you’re comfortable, it will translate to your performance. With the right sports gear, you’ll feel more than ready to take on anything and do your best. 


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