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Before we got the chance to read and follow some of the best Burning Crusade Power Leveling guides, we learned stuff ourselves. Indeed, one of the most remarkable features we get to see when we play any Role-Playing Games (RPGs) is seeing how our champion becomes a legend. After you manage to complete the cosmetics (how it looks) and the name, you’ll soon find yourself how it starts. Like any fantasy game, your character begins with almost no knowledge about their capabilities and learns to use their weapons.

At the same time, through tutorials, you’ll find yourself learning how the game works and how to use the multiple controls. Overall, through gaming sessions, your champion and you will familiarize with Azeroth and how to overcome any challenge.

Indeed, depending on your knowledge in the genre or WoW Classic TBC, this “mastery” might become simple/complicated. Still, no matter your current understanding of video games, articles like this can help any player. Most noteworthy, within this guide, you’ll find an estimate of how long it will take to reach the end-game.

How Long Does It Take to Reach Max Level in WoW Classic TBC?

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On average, it takes around eight days to reach the highest level in WoW Classic TBC. Sometimes it could take more; other times, less. Overall, it depends on certain variables that involve you as a player. In World of Warcraft, you can find differences that make an impact in your journey, like:

  • New WoW Classic TBC Player: It feels “magical” when you manage to download the game and play it for the first time. Even though the graphics aren’t as new as when World of Warcraft came to the public, the atmosphere is stunning. Sometimes, you might take a long while to see the scenery and how the animations work in this virtual place. Either way, it could take more than the accustomed time to reach the highest level. As a result, a new player could take weeks or even one month.
  • Single Player Veteran: You already have a clear idea of moving around and finishing a couple of tasks. Furthermore, you might have experience with another MMO or RPG and have a clear picture of how the archetypes work. Still, though, you could reach a point where things turn complicated, and you need to rethink your strategy or slow your process. Sometimes, you’ll need to turn around and stay on those comfortable maps. If you’re familiar with this type of gameplay, you might take a week to reach level 70 by yourself.
  • Leveling an Alternative Character: Players from this group already have a clear idea about the gameplay mechanics of WoW Classic TBC. Additionally, they might have a level 70 character but want to try something else. Since you’re changing between heroes (and taking advantage of the “rested” bonus), you could take a week to help an Alt and have it reach the end-game.
  • Joining a Party: When it comes to groups and experience in World of Warcraft, everything becomes a little bit complicated. Sometimes, you’ll earn tons of progress with a party of three players or more; other times, it would look unproductive. Everything changes in your journey since the game uses different experience formulas. As a result, you’ll have altered results when playing alone or with other players. Overall, you could take more time to increase your level, but you’ll have a great time with other teammates.
  • Getting Assistance from a Guild: When you have the opportunity to join a powerful Guild that aids the new members, everything turns less tedious. For example, you can have someone that shares a couple of WoW TBC Gold coins for your mount. Occasionally, you could have support from a higher-level guildmate and move through maps quickly. Remember to respect other players’ time and be grateful when they lend a hand.
  • Following Burning Crusade Power Leveling Guide(s): Some articles from all over the Internet will give you hints about where to travel and how to gain experience in WoW. As a result, you’ll “speedrun” this process and reach level 70 in a couple of days.
  • Buying a Boost: If you have too much time to play and want to “catch up” with your friends, you could buy your way up. You can buy a boost or have an account ready for anything with real money.



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