How to blow dry your own hair – the five steps to a salon-worthy do


Step three

The third step is the most complicated so you may need to practise this a few times.

You’ll need a round styling brush – Rachel recommends the Routes XL ionic style brush which is £18.00 because it promises to blow dry your hair in 20 percent less time than a regular styling brush.

Rachel said: “Place the barrel under the roots of the hair.

“With your dryer on a medium heat start to lift your hair up with the brush.

“To avoid frizzing and static make sure you point your dryer the same way the hair is going – your hair and dryer should all be pointed upwards and outwards to a north east position.

“Once that section is dry roll your section of hair up with the ionic brush from ends to root (as if the brush was a hair roller) now blast the rolled-up hair with a cold setting on your dryer, in the salon this is known as setting.

“Then hold still for a few seconds and gently release without brushing out and spritz with your favourite setting spray (I like Schwarzkopf got2b).”




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