‘I got millions of views for marrying my stepdad but now I need to clear things up’


Christy is a newlywed from Flordia who shocked the internet after she said she had married her stepfather in Las Vegas. On TikTok, Christy has gotten over 24 million views on her wedding video as well as other videos due to the shocking story, however, she has now made another video to “clear things up.”

Christy went viral on social media last week after she posted a wedding video of her kissing her new groom with the caption “marrying my stepdad was the best decision I’ve ever made.” People were appalled millions of people viewed the video and many media outlets posted about the shocking story.

In the caption of the Las Vegas wedding video, Christy posted the hashtag “MarryYourMomsEx” and in another video revealed more of the story. She wrote in one video: “Let’s clear some things. up…Was I ‘groomed’? No. Did my stepdad raise me? No. Was I a minor when I met him? No.”

People reacted in the comment section, and one popular comment said: “What in the Game of Thrones Alabama” while somebody else wrote: “Who did your hair? You look so well groomed.”

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However, some people did not believe Christy was telling the full story. A popular social media account that posts about internet drama called the Tea Guy was the first to be skeptical and posted in the comment section.

The Tea Guy wrote: “Not gonna lie, after checking out her social media and other videos…I feel confident this isn’t real.”In another comment, The Tea Guy went on to post his thoughts and said: “Maybe [this is] just a joke? Maybe [with the] age gap people think he’s your Dad sometimes and it became an inside joke? Maybe just a prank for TikTok? Not sure.”

Christy replied to the popular social media influencer, and said: Definitely an age gap considering who he was with prior to me but I’ll make a story time with him when he gets home to explain how it All happened.”

In a new video, Christy has revealed that her older brother, Shaun, tragically was killed in a motorcycle accident and that her husband is not in fact her stepfather, but was her older brother’s best friend who she became “inseparable” from.

Christy messaged the New York Post to explain her side of the story. She admitted the viral wedding video was a joke and “a play” due to the 16-year age difference between herself and her new husband.

She explained: “I also wanted to prove that everyone will be upset and believe anything they see on the internet nowadays.”

Christy went on to explain the internet’s reaction to her joke. She said: “They were mad when I ‘married my stepdad,’ and they were mad when I posted my real story and found out that it wasn’t actually my stepdad.

“The internet feeds on the drama. The amount of death threats I received, wishing that my children were born without arms and legs and they were glad my brother had died, and they wanted to call [child protective services] on me. It was absolutely insane lol.”

In a new TikTok video, Christy has posted screenshots of the number of media publications that picked up her story worldwide. She wrote in the caption: “Did I expect a reaction? Yes. Did I expect THIS? No!! HES NOT MY STEPDAD for the ones still confused lol”

In the comments, some people were not happy to hear that the story had in fact been a joke. One popular comment said: “Maybe don’t lie for likes then you wouldn’t have to ‘correct’ information. Just a suggestion.”

Another person commented and said: “Creating drama just for views…you must be young.” Christy replied to the comment and said: “And you must be mad.”

One other person said: “Imagine ruining your life for a TikTok prank” and Christy replied to the comment and said: “I didn’t ruin my life.” Somebody else wrote: “Oh my god, you got me” to which Christy replied: “It’s okay! I would of [thought] the same.”

Other comments were mixed on their reaction. One person said: “I would have followed you without all this but now I feel misled. People have done worse things for views I guess” while another person found the whole ordeal amusing, and said: “This is really expert-level trolling.”



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