Kamal Haasan promises to provide aid to those struggling to meet basic needs


Prime Minister Narendra Modi very clearly stated in his speech last night that their will be a complete nationwide lockdown for the next 21 days to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Several celebrities took to social media to support the decision and came out and spoke about how they will be extending their support to the people during this crucial time. One such celebrity who has promised to help the people in need is Kamal Haasan. He announced on social media that he will be providing aid to those who struggle to meet their basic necessities. He also stated that the government has to take necessary actions to help small scale industrialists and daily wage labourers. 

Haasan has been expressing his opinion on the COVID-19 situation for a while now. Earlier, he shared an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on social media, through which he urged the PM to provide aid to people who cannot practically work from home like farmers, fishermen and so on, at a time when the whole nation is observing self-quarantine. He requested financial aid be provided to people who are dependant on daily wages to run their lives.

We respect the actor for working towards such a noble cause and even doing his bit in process. 

Kamal Haasan