Keeping Marketing In Check: 7 Business Tricks to Learn


If your business is your lifeline, marketing is the lifeline of your business. All businesses need excellent marketing strategies to survive the competition in an ever-growing world of business. However, when it comes to startups and small businesses, an effective marketing strategy becomes all the more important because these are some companies, which lack market presence or some pre-established reputations which can be leveraged to get further ahead. They have to start from scratch, but if they do it right, that doesn’t have to be so bad!

Did you know that poor marketing is one of the top reasons why businesses fail in their first year? So, it is imperative to keeping your marketing in check. The constantly evolving business world is full of novel market trends that erupt every day. You will come across new marketing trends now and then- while some trends are here to stay the others just disappear. Blindly following everything could just increase your challenges. However, what to adopt could be a tricky question for business owners too. Here are 7 Business Tricks to learn that can keep you going:

1. Grip with video content:

Engaging content is a no brainer strategy when it comes to effective marketing. Creating and posting quality content is a win-win approach to marketing. The meaning of engaging content, however, is evolving every day. The audiences are moving fast and they like action. Hence, just words and pictures are not enough to get the attention you need to make real profits.

So, bringing in video content is an amazing step to attract numbers. Video content leaves an impression on the mind of the viewers, and excellent video content keeps them coming back to your page. Studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.

2. Email Marketing:

Though emails have existed forever now, even today 80% of professionals report that email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. Building a strong email marketing strategy with professional email campaign services lets you communicate and associate with your potential clients in the most personalized way. This will increase sales while retaining clients.

3. Search engine optimization:

SEO is not the newest concept anymore, however, it is a trend that always stays fresh because of ever-evolving search engine algorithms. Because these browsers keep changing their operational basics, we have to be changing the way things get done with them. SEO boosts your profits without massively enhancing your marketing costs. 61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority.

For example, personal injury lawyers looking to generate new leads and clients could invest in an SEO marketing campaign in order to increase their organic search positions on search engines, like Google. People tend to be skeptical of paid search ads, which means having a strong organic ranking for your website can be huge—whether you’re a lawyer or even an E-com business owner.

Improving SEO can also get you to those coveted top spots in Google’s search engine results. Car accident attorneys and other groups in highly-competitive fields may find SEO to be a key way they get the attention of new clients and grow their business.

4. Social Media Presence:

Having an evident presence on relevant social media platforms can do wonders for your visibility. It will not be wrong to say that the key to success in business is causally related to being seen online. In today’s digital world of business, it’s this presence, which lets you stand out from the crowd. To be a part of the social media game, you need to be present on all relevant social media platforms and identify where your potential customers spend most of their time and get their attention. 73% of marketers believe that their efforts through social media marketing have been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business.

5. Use the referrals:

As an emerging trend, referral marketing is becoming a great marketing tool. Asking for referrals from your present clients or your employees and rewarding them works as a great motivation. This is one of the most straightforward of all marketing strategies. Asking for referrals is more like extracting results out of the hard work you have already done. If your customers are happy, they will be more than happy to bring in their friends and family your way. Just incentivize the referrals and see your business increase. The bonus is that a referred customer is 18% more loyal than a customer acquired by other means.

6. Make your potential customers feel like winners:

Did you know 33% of contest participants are open to receiving information about the brand and partners? Marketing strategies like Contests, Coupons, and Incentives are a great way to boost the visibility of your business. Everyone just loves free stuff, personalized gifts, and discounts. Offering innovative giveaways is a terrific way to attract new customers and to retain the existing ones too.

7. Fascinate customers with Technology integration:

The world today is full of technological advancements and most of your clients today are also lovers of technology. Technology impacts every bit of our daily lives, so why not include technology in how you market your business and reach your customers. If your business supports and includes the latest technological trends like Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) to market and promote your products and services- you will definitely attract big numbers.

Enabling your website with Artificial intelligence (AI) tools like chatbots brings in huge advantages. Your clients and potential customers feel connected to you round the clock.

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