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Saving money is often tricky to achieve, but many people have this goal at the top of their list in 2021. The cost of groceries, though, can often rack up before a person even realises, and make a substantial dent in this objective. As the UK was plunged into a third lockdown at the top of the year, many will only be going out to do their weekly shop.

Chelsie decided to put a fresh spin on some of her favourite dishes, and looked for the best ways to make the meals but at next to no cost.

She started with one of her favourite dishes, a chicken risotto, but substituted the meat for soya instead.

It enabled her to make one serving for just 75p, a mammoth saving, which she achieved through shopping around through Asda and Tesco.

Her ingredients included half a red onion, soya, carnaroli rice, vegetable stock, pasta butter and cheese. 

The dish was inspired by her favourite chef, Gino D’Acampo, but Chelsie stated she switched some ingredients, ditching others to reduce the cost.

She added: “This is my adapted vegetarian take that uses less than half the original ingredients without compromising the taste of the meal!”

Next, Chelsie tackled sweet peppers and rice, a friend’s favourite Chinese takeaway order, which is quick and easy to make.

Rice, peppers, onion and ketchup form the basis of this dish, which comes in at only 64p per serving. 

Chelsie’s final money saving meal is a mushroom pizza, which is both low calorie and cheap to purchase.

The ingredients of portobello mushrooms, cheese, peppers and tomato puree cost mere pennies, and could be good for those looking to cut back.

For those who wish to make further changes, though, the cheese can be swapped out for a vegan alternative, or the toppings ditched and replaced with others.

Overall, it appears shopping around and looking for the best ways to reduce costs and modify recipes are the key to money saving success in the supermarket.

Chelsie concluded: “All of these recipes feature supermarket own brands, but to make the meals even cheaper, you can substitute the ingredients for a value range.

“Visiting supermarkets that sell wonky veg, or bulk buying will also reduce the cost per meal.

“Whether these recipes take your fancy or if you want to fly some of your well-loved dishes to make them vegetarian or vegan, I challenge you to do so!

“It’s great fun, a creative challenge, and an effective way to eat less meat, saving on your food shopping and helping the environment.”




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