Power Rangers’ Alien-Vampire Enemies, The Horrid, Have a Dark Origin


The Horrid are the latest threat to the Power Rangers, and how they became the vicious vampire-like creatures is truly dark.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Power Rangers #3, by Ryan Parrott and Francesco Mortarino on sale now.

Space is a double-edged sword. In its infinite vastness, it’s possible to discover new worlds and civilizations, bringing the denizens of the universe closer together. The problem with that, though, is that not everything in the universe is nice. In Power Rangers #3 the alien race known as The Horrid proves that fact, revealing their dark past in the process.

Once there was an alien race far superior to that of Earth. They were peaceful, happy, and kind. They thirsted for the knowledge of the cosmos, to discover more life out in the universe. But in their haste, they made a fatal error: in attempting to manipulate the very fabric of reality they inadvertently destroyed their entire planet. Most did not survive. Those that did, however, wished that they had not. The fallout from their experiment with reality left them stranded in-between various realities. They were not alive, but neither dead nor undead. When they finally came to understand their new existence they named themselves the Horrid, inter-dimensional beings cursed with a vampiric need to suck the life energy out of others to survive.

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The Omega Rangers find themselves in a pretty terrible position. They betrayed their former master Zordon and freed Lord Drakkon from his cell on Earth. Zordon has put out an intergalactic signal calling for the Omega Rangers’ immediate capture where they can be tried for their transgressions. But as much as Jason wishes he didn’t have to go against his former master and friend he knows that only Lord Drakkon can help save millions of other lives. As Jason, Trini, and Zack travel through space with Lord Drakkon a sudden drop in power to the ship halts their journey. Investigating the power batteries around the ship the Omega Rangers found them corroded and sucked of energy. The Rangers were only able to wonder what happened to the batteries for mere seconds before the answer to their questions attacked them.

The Horrid phased onto their ship, hungry and incredibly dangerous. They managed to withstand every attack the Omega Rangers threw at them. The Horrid possessed the ability to phase through solid matter making nearly every attack against them useless. As the Omega Rangers found themselves facing a seemingly unbeatable enemy, Lord Drakkon made a deal with the Horrid King. If the Horrid King spared his life then he would take the Horrid to places with unlimited life for them to consume.

In a final effort to defeat the Horrid, the Omega Rangers lured them out into space. Jason summoned his mighty Zord hoping that the Horrid would be attracted to the massive energy source. His plan worked with almost all of The Horrid rushing off of the ship to attack him. The Horrid King stayed on board, though, content in his knowledge that the Omega Rangers would fall and that Lord Drakkon would lead the Horrid to an endless supply of life to drain. Content, that is, until Lord Drakkon stabbed him through the back while his defenses were down. The Horrid King fell as did the rest of the Horrid. Despite the treacherous means in achieving a victory, Lord Drakkon was successful in saving the Omega Rangers from certain death.

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With the threat of the Horrid gone, the Omega Rangers look with optimism as their destination draws closer. They don’t trust Lord Drakkon further than any of them can throw him, but he’s still their best shot at stopping the Empyreals. Their optimism fades quickly, however, when they arrive at their destination. The coordinates they arrive reveal to them a distorted and destroyed Angel Grove, a nightmare made real. As the Omega Rangers struggle to understand what they’re seeing, Lord Drakkon again appears to have a few cards hidden up his sleeve.

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