Reddit users dismiss the supposed leak as fake


The GTA 6 rumour mill has been hard at work, with supposed “leaks” frequently making their way into the internet to keep turning and fanning the flames of speculation.

The game is understandably under wraps, and Rockstar Games are unlikely to reveal any information anytime soon so as to not shoot themselves in the foot so early on.

The development of an AAA game is a pretty high-pressure tight-rope act with studios and publishers not only having to work on the game itself but also managing expectations and the marketing side of things.

The GTA franchise is the very pinnacle of modern AAA gaming and hence, the pressure is thousandfold.

With an absolutely massive budget north of $100 million, managing expectations for the next GTA game will be key for Rockstar Games. The company has managed to maintain radio silence and has been waiting for the perfect time to reveal the game.

However, a recent “leak” has stirred up the fanbase but many have shot it down already.

Reddit users quick to dismiss the supposed “leaked map” of GTA VI

There had been a lot of talk surrounding the most recent GTA 6 “map leaks” with a low-res picture of a location that somewhat resembled the real-life city of Miami.

Since Miami is the inspiration for Vice City, a lot of people in the fanbase seemed to agree that the “leaked” map was a good balance of the real-life location and original ideas regarding the map.

What added further credibility was that the map bore resemblance to an early “leak” from 2018 for GTA 6.

Why Reddit users believe the leaks are fake

1) No credibility on the 2018 leaks

No credibility on the 2018 leaks (Image Credits: GTA Forums)
No credibility on the 2018 leaks (Image Credits: GTA Forums)

The main reason for the quick dismissal of the “leak” stemmed from the fact that there is no proof to support the 2018 “leaks” in the first place. Hence, the new GTA 6 map bearing resemblance to those leaks add little to no credibility to the recent ones.

2) Location inaccuracies

Reddit users with arguments against the map
Reddit users with arguments against the map’s credibility

This one seems a bit more elaborate, with players pointing out that the map does not contain much of the elements from the real-life city of Miami.

This, by itself, doesn’t do much to debunk the ‘leaked’ map as a fake one because while the GTA franchise has always taken inspiration from real-life locations, it has never recreated them wholesale. There have been places and structures from real life in the GTA games but they have not been a complete recreation.

Therefore, the map not containing parts of Miami isn’t necessarily the strongest argument against its authenticity.

Published 18 Oct 2020, 16:40 IST

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