Wade Wilson’s Daughter Is Destined to Become an Immortal Hero


Ellie Camacho, the daughter of Deadpool, has an incredible mutant power that could make her one of the most enduring heroes of the Marvel 2099 future.

Deadpool is one of the Marvel Universe’s most distinct and destructive forces, with the chaotic mercenary having few friends and countless enemies. However, Wade Wilson still has some family left in the world in the form of a daughter he originally never knew existed.

As Deadpool #19, by Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, Declan Shalvey, Jordie Bellaire, and Joe Sabino revealed, Deadpool has a daughter named Ellie Camacho and the events of “Deadpool 2099” hinted that she’ll carry on the family superhero business well into Marvel’s future.

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Eleanor Camacho is the daughter of Carmelita Camacho and Wade Wilson, who met while Wade was briefly working with the Heroes for Hire. The pair spent a night together when they believed they were going to be murdered. But after that, Wade was initially unaware that Carmelita was pregnant and tried to leave them behind to keep them safe. However, their connection to him doomed Carmelita, as they would be kidnapped by Butler to serve as an insurance policy against Deadpool. Although Wade failed to rescue Carmelita, he would later discover Eleanor — often going by the nickname Ellie — had actually survived and given to Butler’s brother to raise.

With the help of his friends, Deadpool was reunited with his daughter and became a part of her life. Faking Ellie’s death with the help of Quinten Quire, Ellie was accepted into S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Preston’s life. She and Deadpool enjoyed an increasingly sweet relationship, with Wade even trying to leave his life as a mercenary behind to help keep her safe. However, things fell apart for them at the onset of Secret Empire. Having been tricked into supporting the Hydra-aligned version of Steve Rogers, Deadpool became a Hydra operative. He even brought Ellie with him to Washington DC, which the young woman hated. Eventually, Wade’s actions during the event — such as killing Phil Coulson and deactivating the robotic Preston, resulted in Ellie running away back to the Preston family and going into hiding from Wade.

Wade’s memories were soon erased as a part of a plan to start over and spare his remaining loved ones any additional pain. But as time passed, Ellie’s feelings towards her father softened, especially after he helped ensure that Preston was repaired and reactivated. Wade’s memories of Ellie were briefly restored when he was targeted by Mephisto, with the devilish villain revealing that if Wade refused to become his agent of chaos, he would ensure that Ellie was raised to eventually take on that role herself. Wade had one last conversation her and expressed his love for her before briefly taking the job, only to aggravate Mephisto into releasing him shortly after.

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Despite Ellie’s age, it has been confirmed that she possesses the X-Gene, making her a mutant. While she hasn’t developed powers yet, the “Deadpool 2099” storyline revealed that she’ll eventually develop an incredibly impressive power: natural resurrection. While she lacks any kind of healing factor like her father, it does mean that whenever Ellie is killed, she will be able to burst from her remains like a cacoon, her body restored to her teenage self without losing any of her experience or mental abilities.

This theoretically makes Ellie even harder to kill than Deadpool, whose healing factor has allowed him to overcome almost every injury imaginable. That timeline saw Ellie take on the role of Deadpool and develop a rivalry with her half-sister Warda, who also took on the name Deadpool. Now seeing the digital avatar of Preston as her true mother, Ellie and Wade are shown to have a strong bond, even after all the chaos of their lives had kept them apart for years.

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