What is Car Window Tinting? Is Darker Tint More Expensive?


Breaking Down All the Ins and Outs of Window Tinting

Car window tinting is a pretty simple concept to understand once you know the particulars. Quite simply, it’s a cost-effective way to darken the tint of your windows of your vehicle. Most car window tinting installation professionals can typically do this inside of a few hours, so it’s a fairly popular upgrade for those who are living in San Diego or other areas in which sunny/hot weather is the norm. For most models of car, truck, or luxury import, a good window tinting job will run at least a couple hundred dollars, but it’s well worth the investment.

Why Get Car Window Tinting?

First and foremost, car window tinting is going to elevate the overall look and feel of the vehicle. Most people agree that cars with tinted windows look cooler than those that don’t, but there are practical reasons to get your windows tinted beyond simple aesthetics.

  • Temperature control: By adding window tint to your windows, you’re effectively filtering out the sun’s UV rays and the heat that comes with it. Window tinting helps control your vehicle’s interior temperatures, which really comes in handy on hot days when the sun can make your car feel more like an oven. By keeping those temperatures down, this also helps take some of the pressure off your car’s A/C unit.
  • Security & Privacy: Window tint doesn’t just keep the heat out. It also keeps prying eyes from looking into the interior of your car. That may sound like a big deal, but the majority of car thefts and break-ins happen because an onlooker saw something in the car that caught their eye. If you’re the type that routinely leaves valuables in their car, tinted windows are well worth the investment. If any potential thieves come walking by your car, they won’t know what you have for them to steal.
  • Maintain Value of Car: Another added benefit of getting window tint installed is that it’s going to filter out the sun. By extension, that means it’s filtering out sun DAMAGE. If your interior is taking less of a beating from the sun’s dangerous rays, that’s going to help you maintain the value of the car.

Is Darker Window Tint More Expensive?

Fortunately, window tint isn’t one of those items in which the cost goes up the darker you go. Dark tinting should all run the same no matter how transparent or opaque of a tint job you’re getting.

What will drive up the cost of a window tinting job is quality of materials. “You get what you pay for,” as the saying goes, and window tinting is no different. Don’t skimp on materials though just to save a few dollars. Low-quality window tint can bubble or warp, and you certainly don’t want that.

Another thing that will drive up the price of a window tinting job are tints with frosted elements, designs, or special reflection features. These things would put it outside the family of “basic window tinting” into a more premium category, which will drive up the overall price. If you want to keep your costs down, stick with basic black window tint.

Schedule Your Car Window Tint Installation

Car window tinting is a fantastic upgrade that will improve the overall look of your car, not to mention help maintain its overall value and control the internal temps during heat waves. Most installation professionals can install brand new window tint in just a few hours. Car window tinting in San Diego is widely available for all makes and models of car or truck.  Simply reach out to your local car window tinting professional and they’ll be able to provide you a quote on the materials and installation.