Year Zero Gives the Justice Society a Surprising Send-Off


Injustice: Year Zero #14 reveals the broken Justice Society of America gets a surprising sendoff before the game and an intriguing side-mission.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers of Injustice: Year Zero #14 by Tom Taylor, Roge Antonio, Rain Beredo, and Wes Abbott, on sale now.

Injustice: Year Zero wraps on a victorious note but you still can’t help but feel that Joker, who was turned into a Lord of Chaos, got the last laugh. He killed many Justice Society of America members in this precursor to the video game, including Jay Garrick, and destroyed the Hall of Justice.

Luckily, Batman helped break Superman out of the clown’s mind-control in the final confrontation in Issue #14, allowing them to save the day. Still, the pain of it all lingers, especially for Wonder Woman, as she lost so many of her old friends. Surprisingly, the finale reveals an intriguing send-off for the surviving JSA members that could produce a spinoff someday.

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Joker used his chaos amulet to make key members of the JSA disappear such as Hawkgirl, Hourman, Doctor Fate, Liberty Belle, Starman and Dr. Fate. It seemed like he snapped them to death a la Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet but this conclusion reveals the relic thought it’d be more fun to send them to another reality. Not even Joker knew what it was doing but now, the remaining heroes want to go hopping around the Multiverse to recover their friends.

At the Fortress of Solitude, the Spectre (Jim Corrigan) opens a portal and Green Arrow and Black Canary are going along for the ride. Dinah wants to locate her mom, the original Canary, who was taken away and obviously, Ollie doesn’t want her alone on the trip. Alan Scott/Green Lantern is healed after Joker tried to murder him and he’s going too, along with his husband Jim who doesn’t want to lose him again.

Mid-Nite and Wildcat are on board as well, but Amazing-Man’s not thereafter he turned to concrete in the Joker war and got parts of him crushed. Interestingly, Wonder Woman’s absent and it may be that she’s pissed Batman didn’t let her kill Joker in revenge, which would inform why she’s so eager to join Superman’s Regime down the line.

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Now, in the Injustice comics, we know Wildcat comes back as he helps Batman’s Resistance years later. Mid-Nite, Oliver and Black Canary do the same, so we’re not sure what happened to the other members that Joker removed off the board. They may have really died, couldn’t be found or couldn’t be brought back. Spectre would also return in Injustice, although Jim Corrigan would no longer be the host and it’d bond to Mister Mxyzptlk to help Superman.

This hints this team may be due to experience horrors in this rescue mission across other dimensions, especially as Mid-Nite and Wildcat appear bitter and broken in their old age. Hopefully, we get to see how this journey played out to bookend how the original World War-fighting heroes of this realm signed off. It’d be intriguing to see which friends and enemies they made along the way, not knowing how their world would change for the worse when the Man of Steel goes berserk.

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