How to choose the best VoIP provider?


The choice of your VoIP provider is critical. A Cloud solution will only be a good solution, if it is reliable. Since a company depends on its phone system, its performance has to be flawless. Before selecting, you need to look at a variety of criteria, which include pricing, features and support. Let us look at each of them to help you understand what to search for.

Quality and Reliability: Key Elements of a Business Phone System

When you choose a VoIP business phone system, you need to understand that it will go through the Cloud. Unlike regular phone lines, if there is a problem with the provider, your whole system could be down for a period of time. That is why you need to find a VoIP provider such as Aircall, which can guarantee that this won’t happen. If a company is unable to receive or make calls, it paralyzes it temporarily. If such an event occurred, it can also damage its reputation, if people try to get in touch and there is no service on the line. Quality and reliability are the most important factors you need to look for. Here are the others:


If your company is still using a PBX system, then you should know that you are probably paying about ten times more than if you switched to a VoIP business phone system. That cost comes mainly from handsets and wiring. With a VoIP system, your employees will be using softphone technology, which doesn’t require a physical phone setup: Only a computer and a headset with a microphone.

But there are price differences between VoIP providers as well. When studying the market, you will understand that the cost relates to the number of lines you will be using. The greater number, the lesser the cost. Once you sign a contract, you will pay the negotiated price of a bundle, every month.


VoIP business phone systems enable you to interface with a large quantity of digital software platforms. When you are analyzing the various providers, look for the ones that offer you the most features with your package, but also the capacity to add some more applications if you wish to do so, later on.


No matter which service you acquire, support is of the outmost importance. However, it cannot be more critical than with a VoIP provider. If a problem was to happen, of any kind, you would need to know there will be someone to help you, right away, any day of the week, at any time.