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Real Time GPS Tracker

Whether it is a parent who wants to make sure their teen is driving safely or a business looking to manage a large vehicle fleet, the best tool to conduct automobile oversight is a real time GPS tracker. Utilizing satellite and cellular technologies, real time GPS trackers allow a person or business to monitor any mobile asset instantly. All they have to do is place the tracker on a car and simply pull out their cell phone to determine if a driver is speeding, a delivery was on time, or locate a vehicle for any reason! It is really that simple. Unfortunately, real time GPS tracking devices transmit a significant amount of data which can result in a heavy drain of battery power. So what is the best real time GPS tracker with long battery life for businesses and consumers? Let’s find out from the experts!

Best Real Time GPS Tracker For Car

According to the GPS fleet management experts at Tracking System Direct, the best real time GPS trackers for cars are devices that can connect directly to the OBD2 port of an automobile. The reason for this is that when a tracker is plugged into the on-board diagnostic port it can pull power directly from an automobile, which allows the user to never worry about battery life. This is like having a GPS tracker 1 year battery life or even longer! However, the best part about plug-and-play GPS tracking devices is that they do not require any form of professional installation! This is great for small businesses or consumers without much automotive or technical experience.

Plug In GPS Tracker For Car No Monthly Fee

Vehicle tracking devices that provide real time updates typically require a monthly fee for the use of data. Although subscription costs are commonplace with real time GPS trackers, one device that provides live updates every 3 minutes and does not have any monthly fees is known as the Connect GPS Tracker. Features of this award-winning car tracking device include:

  • Unlimited updates every 3 minutes
  • Unlimited battery power with OBD2 connection
  • Works anywhere in North America (U.S., Mexico, and Canada)
  • Free technical support
  • Speed alerts
  • Geofencing features

Businesses or consumers seeking a user-friendly real time GPS tracker with no monthly fees and long battery life will find the Connect GPS Tracker to be an asset.

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How Real Time GPS Tracking Works

Real time GPS tracking device utilize satellites orbiting the Earth that use low-level radio signals to determine the exact location of the system. Through a process known as “trilateration”, 3 satellites are used to pinpoint the physical location of the device, providing information such as speed, altitude, time en route etc. This data is then transferred using the assistance of cellular networks (A-GPS) to off-site servers where the data can be superimposed over a satellite imaging program and online software. The technology is critical in helping people record a stolen vehicle, companies manage vehicle fleets, and parents track where teen drivers are going.

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