Simple tips for writing essays- Class 8 English


Class 8 is generally the time when the academics start getting a bit more technical. Similarly, the essay writing in class 8 is a little more technical and upgraded as compared to the junior classes. But do not worry, here we have summed up some of the best yet simple tips that will help you to avoid your problems and write excellent essays.

1. Start with the introduction

While starting your essay, make sure you gave an introduction about your topic. The introduction should be small yet informative. Try to be expressive by introducing your opinion regarding the topic. An introduction is important as it will build the foundation for the rest of the essay.

2. Research about the topic

The concept of researching might be new to you but yes, to ensure your information is right and appropriate, you should always prefer to research on the given topic first. Researching involves collecting information from various modes such as a book, or different websites on the internet. Before starting with your essay, you should collect all the required information for your essay from various sources available.

3. Make your article seem interesting to yourself

While writing your article, you may pretend that you are writing a story or narrating a story to your friends. You can add plot twists of your own and make the story more suspenseful and informative. You can add your opinions, your arguments, and your conclusions. Essays are all about your creativity and we all are enough creative to make stories, right? You should write your essay for making it interesting for yourself instead of confining yourself to the boring ones. Make your essays more enjoyable to yourself and write the things that excite you the most about that specific topic. 

4. Write it in a structure

After you have written the introduction and did the research, then you may start with the supporting paragraph. Supporting paragraphs involve all the information about your essay, the information you have collected during your research should be written under supporting paragraphs, they are basically the body of your essay.  You may write 3 supporting paragraphs explaining your point of view on the given topic.

5. Underline the important lines

If you have never underlined some important information in your essays before, then 8th class is the right time to start outlining the important sentences. While organizing the information in your essay, you may underline the important sentences that are the core of your essay.

6. End with a conclusion

Do not forget to end your essays on a conclusive note. The last paragraph of your essay should be the conclusion and it should summarize the essay in short with the solutions or answers to the essay. 

7. Proofread and edit your essay

You may check for your grammatical mistakes after completing the essay. It is very common to make grammatical mistakes while writing as you are still learning and even fluent English speakers can make grammatical mistakes. So it is important to proofread your essay and look for mistakes, you may edit and improve your mistakes by reading your essay multiple times. You may use some of the online platforms for checking grammatical or spelling mistakes while practicing for your essays. You may also take help from a dictionary or any friend according to your suitability. 

8. Read to improve your writing skills

For writing excellent essays, you should try to indulge yourself in reading. Reading is a very beneficial habit with several advantages; it will easily help you to upgrade your writing skills. If you feel stuck or out of ideas while writing your essays then reading is the right solution for you. Reading novels or any other books will help you to improve your English and develop your fluency; this will help you to generate more ideas while you are writing. 

9. Know the word-limit

There are times when you are out of ideas but there are also times when you may be full of ideas, during these times when you have more than enough information to write on, you should ensure that you do not exceed the word limit or it may be reversed in some cases. Not writing according to the word limit can affect your marks, so you should know the limit and try to write according to it. 

10. Avoid off-topic writing

You may often start to write information that is not relevant to the topic when you are out of ideas. The information that is irrelevant or off-topic may adversely impact your marks. So if you are out of ideas then you should re-read the information you have already written and take your time to think of more ideas instead of writing irrelevant information. The teachers of class 8th are more conscious about your writing methods and sentences because you are still learning and on the stage of improvement. So make sure that your article involves relevant ideas only. 

Along with these tips for writing essays, you will also find the solutions of your book honeydew on several verified platforms like Vedantu ncert solutions for class 8 english honeydew. So prepare well as you do have access to everything and every source to help you will with your preparations and further it is your part to prepare with uttermost dedication and concentration.

These simple yet important tips will help you to avoid mistakes and make your essays excellent. You may keep writing and practicing the essays multiple times for improvement, the more you will practice the more your essays will improve. It is also very important to look for mistakes every time you write an essay. Evaluating your own mistakes and improving them will help you to improve your overall essay-writing skill. Your hard work and dedication while preparing by using the above-mentioned tips will make you write great essays. All the best! 


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