Sling TV vs Cable TV


We see rising trends of users ditching their cable TV and switching to Sling TV to watch all their favorite live channels including ESPN, CNN or Fox. Though cable TV remains to be holding a strong position in the industry. Trends are changing and we see people heading towards streaming services to access their kind of entertainment. However, there are happy subscribers like those of Optimum plans who do not mind sticking to their cable TV provider to suffice their entertainment needs. Here we are with a thorough comparative analysis between Cable TV and Sling TV to help you decide which service suits you best.

Affordable Pricing

The first most parameter to consider when looking out for a reliable service is cost. We need to ensure that the cost is affordable and worth investing for a certain service. Since the time Sling TV has been available in the market in 2015, it has captured the attention of the users as being a cheaper alternative to cable TV and other competitors. Crossing every other service including cable TV, Sling TV has gained much popularity for its cost-efficiency. Therefore if you are looking for inexpensive access to some power pack entertainment, you must check out to find the perfect Sling TV plan for you.


Unlike Cable TV, Sling TV offers maximum portability and convenience since you can watch it anywhere on any of your streaming devices. Whether you are shopping at a grocery shop or sipping Latte at a café, you can watch your favorite show wherever you want. Cable TV usually binds you to a television set for access to the entertainment.

Compatibility with other devices

As compared to cable TV, Sling TV is compatible with many devices. You can stream Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android Smartphones, Tablets, iPhones, etc. So you can enjoy seamless access to your favorite shows with much more convenience. Sling TV also provides you a cloud DVR for storage.

Rich Channel Line up

Be it lifestyle, sports, news, history, geography or food, you name it, Sling TV provides access to all sorts of channels in its various plans like Sling Orange or Sling Blue, at different pricings. Thus the variety of channels at a given cost is comparatively richer in the case of Sling TV when compared to Cable TV.


There are many add on packages provided by Sling TV. You can add specific channels to your line up if you want. So sports lovers can add channels like ESPNU or NBA Network while kids can add Disney Junior to the channel list. Cable TV providers may also offer Ad-On feature but Sling TV allows you to customize your plan to a greater extent at a much lower price.

Free Trial

Cable TV providers do not usually offer a free trial but Sling TV offers a free trial feature so you can test the service for free. Moreover, Sling TV is easy to buy or cancel without being tied to a contract. Not all but most cable TV providers do require the signing of a contract and a termination fee is charged in case of cancellation of a cable TV service.

Bottom Line

The aforementioned comparison depicts that Sling TV is more affordable, convenient, portable and easier to use. You can also cancel it anytime you want. You have wider customization options as compared to cable TV. Sling TV allows you to enjoy watching TV anywhere you want while cable TV is usually limited to TV screens. Therefore it is definitely worth trying in case you have made up your mind to cut the cord.

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