Designing Your Dream House Is Easy


Without a doubt, it becomes a trendier thing to get new knowledge in divergent spheres of life and perform even complicated tasks on your own instead of hiring third-party assistants. One of the aspects where this statement is especially true is home design and renovation. With the help of advanced tools, customers are enabled to implement their dream ideas as accurately as possible without all the hassle connected with constant negotiations with architects or designers.

If you are looking for an opportunity to save funds on dealing with agencies with expensive price lists and experience delight from bringing new life into your living environment, Live Home 3D is the right solution.

Interior and Exterior Design at Your Disposal

The list of advantages is enormous, but what is excellent for beginners and non-experienced users is the opportunity to create plans from scratch on the basis of ready-made templates. Another big advantage is that this application contains a built-in library of thousands of textures, materials and objects to apply to your designs. Apart from furniture, you are welcome to tune the roof appearance, terrain editing, and the overall front vibe of your property.

The range and variety of adjustment tools are also appealing. Thus you are free to experiment beforehand which kitchen or bathroom style suits your objectives more — all you need is just to choose which furniture and lighting sources are matching and budget-efficient without spending a single penny on them.

Taking into account Live Home 3D is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPad, and iPhone platforms, end users can work on their renovation plans at their earliest convenience. Consumers are enabled to freely share the results of their work within the program and thus consult with people involved in the project if there are ambiguous or challenging situations.

2D and 3D Environments

On the one hand, Live Home 3D is a great alternative to hand-written plans — you have the results of your efforts at your fingertips. The program offers numerous point-and-click drawing and drafting tools that let consumers create custom-made designs and get all the room measuring work done in a couple of moments.

The Live Home 3D users are enabled to easily switch between 2D and 3D home plans. This allows realizing how your property will look when the finishing and renovation procedures are done. The ability to arrange 3D walkthrough tours is especially appreciated.

On top of that, Live Home 3D posts the projects its users have created in Live Home 3D on the app’s Facebook channel: So, you are welcome to use this information resource as a powerful fuel for your inspiration and creativity. Besides, video tutorials will guide enthusiasts through the process of applying materials, making balconies, working with dormers, and more. That means you are welcome to include even the most complicated elements to your house layout to check whether they support your vision.

Wrap It Up

Interior designers are in search of excellent solutions to simplify their workflow and make it smoother — that is what Live Home 3D will do for those interested in interior design. The great thing about the software is how fast and easy the design process is. Although it isn’t deprived of drawbacks completely (e.g. there is no support phone line), this program is powerful and intuitive.

You don’t have to take our words for granted — you are free to check out the capabilities of this tool on your own. Live Home 3D is great for the needs of both amateurs and experts and has high ranks in the app stores, which signifies its extreme assistance to those with home design tasks.